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Kii Adds A/B Testing To Mobile Backend

Kii has released its simply named A/B testing product for mobile application developers. The company provides end-to-end partnerships with mobile developers who want to gain global distribution control over their work.

Programmers can use Kii as a part of platform or as a standalone service — but at its core, Kii A/B Testing is built specifically for iOS, Android, and Unity apps to enable developers to run simple (or complex) experiments. It enables optimal variations to go live in one click.

Developers can roll out variations to groups of users, and then analyze their behavior to optimize engagement, retention, and ultimately, monetization opportunities.

A/B testing is the latest addition to Kii's full-stack mobile backend, which already includes data and user management, social integration, geo-targeting, analytics, and push services.

"Developers struggle with using disparate platforms and have to depend on managing multiple vendors and software development kits (SDKs) in order to bring an app to market and see it through the entire lifecycle. With the addition of A/B Testing, Kii is solving this challenge by providing developers with everything they need to turn their app ideas into global businesses," said Masanari Arai, cofounder and CEO of Kii.

Signing up for the Kii A/B Testing product is free as the service is part of the existing platform.

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