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Managed Outsourced Developer Community Program-As-A-Service

Web services company KPI Consulting has launched a new division called developerprogram.com to provide a managed and completely outsourced developer program service initially to companies in the telecommunication sector.

KPI is hoping that this Program-as-a-Service offering will be welcomed as a relief for organizations who need to build a high quality developer program that offers real user value. The company says that its services will be offered at a cost level that is cheaper than a telco or (any other IT company) operating the required resources themselves.

In an attempt to justify its market proposition, the company says that in the wireless industry alone there are 210 wireless providers throughout the world -- with 180 of them located in America — and that currently, KPI Consulting has many of the top wireless carriers on its customer roster.

"The thought of building and running a successful developer program can make organizations feel very apprehensive," said Steve Glagow, developerprogram.com's VP of sales and marketing. "Having built-up successful developer programs from scratch, we fully understand the concerns many companies might have, so bringing together our experience with some of the best in the industry will show that it can be done well and with a high return-on-investment."

Ericsson, Bango, Ondeego and Navteq will be joining up with developerprogram.com to share their views with an invited audience about what makes a good developer program at the GSMA-run event Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain.

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