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Micro Focus Tracks Apps From Mainframe To Mobile

Micro Focus isn't a company focused on testing. Instead, the firm lists its expertise as a specialist in the field of enterprise application modernization, testing, and management solutions.

If there is indeed a difference between the former and the latter more longhand tag, then it may reside within the newly launched Silk Mobile software tool, which works to provide "functional testing" of applications on mobile devices across Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and HTML5.

What this functional testing (as opposed to non-functional) really means is that the tool is built with gesture support including multi-touch, swipe, drag and drop, zoom, and scrolling so that it can work with applications the way an end-user would interact with their device.

As a result, mobile applications built with Silk Mobile can capture pertinent information and data by factoring in the multiple ways end users interact with different devices. Silk Mobile test scripts can be exported to a number of scripting languages such as Java, C#, Python, or Perl.

Micro Focus is a company traditionally focused on mainframe application and data modernization processes, so is this a natural extension of that pedigree to focus now more directly on mobile apps as a whole? The company cites a recent study (when doesn't it?) commissioned by, ah-hem, itself, which found that over 75 percent of respondents globally plan to extend access from modernized mainframe applications to mobile devices within the next two years.

"Organizations are under continued pressure to release higher quality mobile apps faster and more often than ever before and Silk Mobile provides development teams the tools they need to deliver on time and on budget," said Archie Roboostoff, Borland solutions portfolio director at Micro Focus. "Our goal is to make application testing easy for developers and Silk Mobile does just that. With broad support across platforms and easy-to-use visual capture capabilities, Silk Mobile is a one-stop mobile testing solution."

Silk Mobile delivers mobile automated testing mobile performance testing, mobile network speed simulation and mobile test management.

According to Claudio Castelli, senior market analyst for telecommunications in Asia-Pacific at Ovum, smart phone adoption across business users will continue growing alongside the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. "Enterprises will have to contend with a greater share of their employees bringing their own smartphones to the workplace and wanting to access corporate data and business applications. With security a higher concern on the mobile platform, IT must perform more stringent due diligence to ensure mobile apps work in the same way as their desktop equivalent," he added.

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