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Mobile App Developer Winners Announced

Nokia Forum has announced the winners of its annual Mobile Rules! competition for mobile applications developers. Forum Nokia announced Grand Prize winners in four mobile application categories: Multimedia, Multiplayer/Connected Games, Enterprise and Infotainment:

  • In the Multimedia category, MyStrands Social Player from MyStrands is an application that lets users discover and play new music of their liking, meet new people with similar musical tastes, and find out how much their music is played and by whom.

  • In the Multiplayer/Connected Games category, Sumo-Sumo from GAMICA is a mobile multiplayer action game based on the traditional Japanese sport of sumo wrestling.

  • In the Infotainment category, Earthcomber from Earthcomber LLC is navigation software that relies on GPS-enabled maps, "Look Lists," and "Community" features that let users specify types of restaurants, shops, ATMs, hotels, and other landmarks and plot them on a map. Users join or create groups that let them share or discover spots like where movies were shot, where crimes occurred, sites of public art or places to spot wildlife or enjoy dog parks, pictures, picnics, or freebies.

  • And in the Enterprise category, UpCode Parking from UpCode Ltd/UPC Consulting is a mobile parking-payment-control solution that lets users handle parking fees and paymentvvia a standard mobile phone.

At the same time, Forum Nokia also announced a new programming contest -- the Code Camp Competition, which gives developers the chance to win up to 15K Euros in cash prizes and an opportunity to showcase their winning application at the S60 Summit in Barcelona, Spain. Registration is underway.

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