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NAVTEQ Releases New Navigation SDK

Maps, traffic, and location data provider NAVTEQ has announced the availability of VisioDevKit 1.1 from Visioglobe on the NAVTEQ Network for Developers (NN4D) website. The release of this SDK allows mobile application developers to create apps for outdoor and indoor navigation use.

The VisioDevKit 1.1 is a real-time 2D and 3D rendering engine and SDK created by France-based Visioglobe. The software itself uses NAVTEQ's visual content portfolio. The VisioDevKit then helps mobile developers create applications with outdoor 3D map rendering effects, which will ultimately enable consumers to more easily orient themselves in unfamiliar or complex situations.

Version 1.1 further upgrades this functionality to support indoor navigation using the recently launched NAVTEQ Destination Maps product. Through the integration of Destination Maps with VisioDevKit, application developers can calculate "indoor routes" directly from the SDK, resulting in more precise guidance for consumers in locations such as large shopping malls.

Destination Maps consists of a unique set of interior map attributes with detailed place data to enable users to efficiently navigate and explore interior spaces. With VisioDevKit utilizing Destination Maps, location-based apps can move beyond streets and sidewalks navigation and into exploration of and routing through complex interior spaces.

VisioDevKit 1.1 contains developer demos using sample NAVTEQ map data and content to allow developers the opportunity for hands on experience. VisioDevKit integrates sample data from NAVTEQ's Enhanced 3D City Models for Munich and an indoor map of a shopping mall in the United States from NAVTEQ Destination Maps.

"We worked closely with Visioglobe during the development of VisioDevKit, providing them with technical support, sample street and indoor map data, and 3D visual content," said Marc Naddell, vice president, Partner and Developer Programs, NAVTEQ.

"VisioDevKit is an SDK that's perfect for developers who prefer to work at a higher level of interactivity, allowing them to focus on the functionality and the user interface of the application, and how the application uses and interacts with the NAVTEQ data," said Hector Briceno, vice president of engineering at Visioglobe. "The application developer does not need to have intimate knowledge of 3D graphics and rendering techniques, as Visioglobe has already optimized the graphics rendering of the SDK to work efficiently with underlying graphics acceleration technology on today's mobile devices. In addition, VisioDevKit incorporates the ability to use location application programming interfaces — positioning technologies suitable for indoor navigation."

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