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New Acrobat X Generation Collaboration Tools

Adobe has announced the availability of its business-focused Acrobat X document exchange services. Designed for professional use, this new offering facilitates creating and sharing higher-quality data content with the ultimate aim of driving tighter collaboration and productivity across teams.

"Acrobat X addresses today’s critical challenge of communicating and collaborating with widely dispersed teams of colleagues, partners, and customers in a compelling way,” said Kevin M. Lynch, vice president and general manager of Acrobat, digital enterprise solutions group, Adobe. "Our new Acrobat.com services tackle the need to have access to, exchange, retrieve, and view documents reliably from anywhere."

Using a new 'guided' Actions function, Adobe says that Acrobat X software users can automate routine and multi-step tasks to then share them with collaborating coworkers, reducing the burden of training. With the new layouts, visual themes, and color palettes in the PDF Portfolios function, business professionals can change how users view and interact with content and its context.

According to Adobe, "With the new Acrobat X Suite, users can maximize the power of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat to capture, edit, and combine digital content right from the desktop and easily create dynamic communications. New Microsoft SharePoint integration enables consistency of Adobe PDF documents across the enterprise; users can check-in and check-out PDF files for reviewing and editing shared documents. A streamlined process lets large organizations deploy, configure, and manage updates and conform to ISO standards, in both Adobe Reader X and Acrobat X, including support for Microsoft SCCM and SCUP."

Also announced alongside the new Acrobat X document exchange services, Adobe has unveiled SendNow — a new document exchange service that lets users send, download, track, and manage large files and documents so that users can upload files from a web browser or directly from the share pane in Adobe Reader X.

Using a central dashboard, users can use this new technology to send large files from their computer to one or many recipients, view files that they’ve sent off, see when and to whom they were sent, get delivery receipts, and watch for files that have been sent to them. The proposition is that with Adobe SendNow, users avoid e-mail gateway issues, FTP servers, or the costs of expensive overnight mail.

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