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New Developer Portal From HTC

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has recently unveiled a new developer zone at http://htcdev.com/ to serve its programmer community with tools, advice, FAQs and, crucially, kernel source code and binaries for its Android-powered mobile devices.

Currently enjoying relatively healthy popularity inside the North American market (and many other territories too), the company is known for Android-based handsets including the Desire, Desire HD, Incredible, Sensation, and the Flyer tablet.

Of key interest to developers is the company's OpenSense SDK, which now comprises an S3D SDK for the company's 3D stereoscopic interface, as well as a pen SDK for its Scribe feature.

"In launching HTCdev, together with the HTCpro program launched last year, HTC is creating a network of resources to help developers and businesses meet challenges and opportunities across the mobile space," said the company.

Arguably the most anticipated element of all inside the new developer zone, this site will also be home to Bootloader Unlock — a tool to provide developers with the power to unlock the bootloaders and disable the NAND protection on a number of HTC devices.

If developers are wondering whether they need to have an Android SDK installed before installing HTC SDK, the company says YES: "The developer is expected to have a bare minimum SDK installation, which can be downloaded and unzipped from the Android developer site."

"The developer is also advised to install the latest Android documentation and samples for API level 7. But in general, a complete Android 2.1 platform installation is not required for the HTC SDK to function properly. Please see Android Basics for information on setting up your development environment and the necessary prerequisites," said the company.

Having unlocked bootloaders makes it easier for modders and developers to install custom firmware, like that provided by the CyanogenMod project, onto their devices. Custom firmware typically provides additional features and newer versions of the underlying Android mobile operating system.

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