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Nokia Releases Dev Tools for Visual Studio, Dreamweaver

Nokia has introduced three development tools -- Web Run Time (WRT) plugs-ins -- aimed at easy conversion of standard web code and scripting languages into mobile applications and services, while working directly within three of the most popular software development environments:

Nokia's WRT widget plug-ins let web developers and designers working within Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, and Aptana Studio rapidly deliver widget-based content to Nokia devices. The WRT widgets provide mobile users instant access to customizable information or tools drawn in real-time from the Internet. Popular widgets range from breaking news headlines to stock-market tickers, social network status updates, flight arrival schedules, localized daily weather and more.

No previous experience with Nokia software development tools or mobile platform technologies is needed to create on-device Nokia WRT widget applications, enabling businesses and organizations to mobilize their existing web presence and create Web 2.0 mashups of content and services that combine the power of the Internet with the capabilities of Nokia mobile devices.

"These new Nokia WRT tools open up the mobile market to web developers and creative professionals worldwide who work every day in these widely used development environments to create web applications and content," says Craig Cumberland, Director of WRT Tools and Technologies, Nokia. "WRT plug-ins enable the easy creation of feature-rich widget applications for the enjoyment of mobile consumers around the globe, providing new horizons to untold numbers of individuals and organizations seeking to extend their web content and Internet presence into the mobile space."

Additionally, within the next 30 days, Nokia will localize the WRT Extension for Adobe Dreamweaver and the Nokia WRT plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, offering multi-language support for developer tools for the first time. The tools will be available in eight languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German and Spanish for developers around the world.

Nokia's updated WRT plug-in for Aptana Studio 2 immediately supports Nokia platform services 1.0 and provides access to select device functionality for two Nokia touch-screen devices, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, and the Nokia N97, while also supporting the "Home screen" publishing functionality on the Nokia N97 and future Nokia devices.

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