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OK Labs To Jumpstart Mobile Development

Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), a developer of virtualization software for mobile phones and broadband Internet devices, has launched a set of consulting and training services called Virtualization Integration Practice (VIP) that help customers define requirements, validate design approaches, and support mobile phone product development. Among the practice offerings is a collaborative Discovery service that helps OK Labs OKL4 users integrate virtualization into mobile handset hardware and software architecture. Other services include training, porting, quick start, installation, and engineering consulting. OK VIP Services help handset OEMs, mobile network operators (MNOs), and semiconductor suppliers to realize significant value from deploying mobile phone virtualization, and to propagate that value across the mobile ecosystem.

The OK VIP Discovery service takes into account not only the architecture of mobile hardware and software, but also customer-defined business goals and objectives, and ecosystem relationships. The service delivery is informed by the OK Labs tech team's understanding of silicon suppliers' current capabilities and product roadmaps; the evolution of mobile operating systems and other mobile device software; the requirements and service rollout plans of MNOs; and the channels used to deliver handsets, applications, and content.

"Many customers are working with mobile phone virtualization for the first time," says Steve Subar, OK Labs CEO. "Because of our extensive experience working with unique customer requirements, we can accelerate the learning curve and break-even point through the VIP Discovery Service."

The VIP Discovery service starts with requirements gathering via on-site engagement with handset OEM, MNO, or semiconductor supplier technology and business teams. With the customer, OK Labs evaluates mobile project design, development, testing, and deployment processes, from both technical and commercial perspectives. Ultimately, OK Labs VIP Discovery service includes delivery of actionable recommendations for implementation of mobile phone virtualization architecture, integration, training and support.

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