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On-Demand Live Video Developer Training

IBM and Microsoft et al do have plenty on their newswires today, but instead let's look at Codementor. This is a new operation set up with the intention of providing instant 1:1 help for software application development professionals at all levels of experience — and yes, that means beginners and hobbyists, too.

The company says its mission is to help enable developers across all experience levels to build projects faster with "on-demand live help" from expert mentors via screen sharing, video, and chat.

Cofounder and CEO of Codementor Weiting Liu explains that he has been part of world-renown accelerators Techstars and Y Combinator, and the best thing about his experiences was being connected to great engineers he could code with and learn from.

"I thought this was something that any engineer could use. From the most experienced C++ engineer working with Rails the first time, to the junior developer, trying to integrate a website payments platform for the first time," said Liu.

"Our 800+ vetted experts include O'Reilly book authors, creators of popular open source projects, top Stackoverflow answerers of all-time, and developers at Google and Amazon," added Liu.

Codementor helps developers in organizations such as startup company Biomeme, which uses Codementor to solve unanswered Stackoverflow problems and deliver features on time. Liu also emphasizes that many freelance developers use Codementor for on-demand code reviews to build scalable apps for clients.

"Web development agencies use Codementor for expert knowledge on-demand and save months of work. Also, novice programmers and coding bootcamp graduates use Codementor for quick solutions to problems they'd have no other way to solve," he concluded.

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