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Perforce Releases iPhone App

Perforce Software has announced the release of P4Scout, an application for the iPhone that gives administrators of the Perforce Software Configuration Management (SCM) system real-time access to server status information. P4Scout, available for free at the iTunes App store, lets administrators quickly monitor the status of their Perforce servers from anywhere.

Features of the P4Scout iPhone application include:

  • Server status: The status of each server identified is indicated by an icon next to the server name.
  • Simple navigation: Save discovered servers, and define and add new ones quickly.
  • Levels of information: By clicking on the server name, more detail is available including host and port, version, uptime, time remaining until licenses expire, and number of users (see Figure 1, right). A list of long-running SCM operations is also available and emailing a user who launched the operation is just a tap away.

"Many of our customers have huge Perforce installations supporting thousands of users who access their servers around the clock," said Perforce CTO Christopher Seiwald. "System administration is a big responsibility and we hope P4Scout will contribute to their peace of mind. This new app offers a quick way to check on a server or multiple servers and confirm everything is running smoothly."

Compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch with version 2.0 software, P4Scout was developed with the new Perforce Derived API for Objective-C, which will be available soon from Perforce.

P4Scout is available now for free at the iTunes App store, and it can be downloaded and evaluated free from the Perforce website. This offer includes free technical support during evaluation.

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