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Resco Announces MobileForms Toolkit 2009

Resco has released MobileForms Toolkit 2009, a set of components and tools for mobile devices optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

"The Touch screen enabled applications are not just trendy but very relevant in business situations," says Resco's Ivan Stano. "The Resco MobileForms Toolkit 2009 is designed to maximize developer productivity when dealing with Touch functionality enabled applications. "

The MobileForms Toolkit controls contain some powerful features which make them a perfect choice for mobile application development. Special optimizations ensure that all components provide sufficient application performance even on devices with limited memory and processor capabilities.

The Touch Scroll feature lets useres scroll the contents of MobileForms Toolkit controls comfortably using a thumb. Although Windows Mobile does not have a native support of touch scrolling in its API, the only thing developers need to do to take advantage of Touch Scroll is to turn on one property in Visual Studio designer.

Supported controls include:

  • AdvancedList for .NET - vertical scrolling
  • AdvancedTree for .NET - vertical scrolling
  • SmartGrid for .NET - vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • OutlookShortcutBar for .NET - vertical scrolling
  • OutlookMonthCalendar for .NET - horizontal by months/years
  • OutlookWeekCalendar for .NET - vertical by hours, horizontal by days/weeks

DelayLoad functionality lets you load huge amounts of data from a data source in a short time. When the control is displayed, only the currently displayed data is loaded. Additional data is loaded as needed. Supported controls include:

  • AdvancedList for .NET
  • AdvancedTree for .NET
  • SmartGrid for .NET

The design and look of the control can be saved into an XML file either using the Visual Studio designer or the Resco designer application. The XML file can be then loaded back into the control at any time (also during run-time). This means the appearance of the control can be changed simply by calling a single LoadXml method.

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