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Resco Releases Mobile Toolkit Volume 2

Resco, a developer of components and tools for mobile devices, has released MobileForms Toolkit 2009 Volume 2. The toolkit is optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5. MobileForms Toolkit is a comprehensive set of Microsoft Visual Studio controls and libraries designed for developers of software solutions for mobile devices. It includes controls and libraries for lists, grids, charting, and scheduling, among other.

Three new components have been added to the toolkit with this release.

  • AdvancedCombo for .NET CF is a control for entry selection from a list. This control is like a standard Combo Box, except it supports Touch Scroll functionality. The design is customizable: templates support, support of pictures, links and buttons depiction. The templates can be saved/loaded to/from XML file. Moreover, DelayLoad functionality facilitates the work with huge amounts of data. Finger touch control is extended by a new feature -- the list can be displayed over the whole screen.
  • NumericUpDown for .NET CF provides a flexible control for numeric input. The most important features are support of decimal numbers and support of hexadecimal numbers depiction. This control offers multiple number formatting options. Moreover, keeping visual attractiveness in mind, the control supports Visual Customization such as Vista Style and Gradient.
  • TouchDateTimePicker for .NET CF is an easy-to-use time picker control. The most important features it comes with are Touch Scroll functionality, format customization -- it allows changing the rollers order and displayed format. There are many customizations possible in area of regional settings, 12/24 time format, and language support.

"Even though the data input in mobile environment is complex and tricky, it is part of every mobile application," said Peter Sartoris, Resco's head developer. "We are very pleased that with the three new components that are part of the MobileForms Toolkit 2009 Volume 2, we make the mobile data input much easier."

All three new controls can also be used along with the DetailView for .NET CF, a control for creating mobile user input forms with versatility that is being even enlarged by new controls.

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