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RIM Announces BlackBerry WebWorks SDK v 2.1

BlackBerry maker RIM has announced the availability of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK v 2.1, a development that comes shortly after the introduction of RIM's WebWorks SDK v 2.1 for Tablet OS.

RIM says that the new SDK will enable developers to leverage NTML (Microsoft NT LAN Manager) & BASIC authentication support, Camera API, Top Banner Indicator API, Enhanced Push APIs, and improved rendering speeds for some applications.

According to RIM, the APIs enable web developers to "deeply integrate" with the BlackBerry Smartphone OS and thereby build feature rich apps that offer more "immersive and interactive" end user experiences.

Without providing any deeper level of technological explanation, proof points, or justification, RIM says that the other benefits developers can derive from the new application functionality and APIs include:

  • better app monetization
  • diversified development approaches
  • support for standardized security
  • better integration with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Social Platform.

The BlackBerry developer website pages provide a little more insight; specifying as they do that a new Banner Indicator API allows developers to place their icon and number in the banner area of the device home screen. This allows a programmer to provide notifications to users of changes in an application while it's running in the background.

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"The enhanced Push API takes advantage of all the push capabilities the BlackBerry platform has to offer and is compatible with the latest version of the BlackBerry Push service. One new feature of the enhanced BlackBerry WebWorks push API is the ability to have your application register woken up when new push data arrives for your application," said RIM, on its developer web portal area.

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