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Scringo Developer Tools Create In-App Social Channels

Scringo has launched a new mobile app developer zone as part of its cross-platform SDK with a "swipe-able Developer Zone" via a customizable swiped-in sidebar. This function allows users (says Scringo) to load features that directly address the "3Rs" of reach (distribution), retention (user engagement), and revenue (monetization).

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The free offering currently supports both iOS and Android; and over one thousand developers have already signed up for the service, which includes more than 250 apps.

Scringo cofounder Ran Avrahamy estimates that with more than 1.5 million iOS or Android apps currently available to users, competition for user attention is intense, creating an urgent need for developers to "facilitate discovery" of their apps.

The 50% Mobile App Factor

"Retaining app users is also a major challenge: Despite the roughly 500 APIs, SDKs, components, and cross-platform tools currently available to mobile app developers, less than 50% of people who download a mobile app use it more than once. In addition, developers face formidable obstacles in monetizing mobile apps, with existing monetization strategies such as mobile advertising, in-app purchasing, and paid apps typically deficient in generating meaningful revenue," said Avrahamy.

The Scringo developer zone is intended to act as a centralized repository of app features and functionality. Developers can use a drag-and-drop interface to cherry-pick which Scringo features to include and make available to users without requiring them to upgrade their app.

Users interact with the features by swiping either left or right on an in-app sidebar, an interface that affords them maximum flexibility while conserving in-app real estate for developers to use how they wish. Scringo's SDK doesn't interfere with the app's UI, providing developers with control over how their apps are branded (including the use and placement of Scringo's icon), and allowing them to add their own features and icon to Scringo's sidebar.

In-App Social Network Function

Key features here include the option to add a live activity feed to apps to help create an in-app social network and increase user engagement. Developers can add automated events and activities such as images, videos, and user actions directly into their Activity feed, and can also include a "Like" button whose usage can loop back into the feed, enabling users to stay abreast of what's happening inside the app.

Scringo Developer Tools Create In-App Social Channels

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