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Shortcut To 32-Finger Touch-Based GUIs

PQ Labs has introduced a new MultiTouch technology to power 21.5-, 24- and 27-inch screens with the ability to detect and track fingers input at a lower price than many higher-end competing products in this space.

Supplied as an overlay to work with any existing PC monitor, the new product connects via a USB cable to provide a multi-touch user interface capable of supporting input from 32 fingers simultaneously.

"For years, multi-touch technology has been struggling hard to enter into mainstream non-mobile devices. Since PC monitors have substantially much larger screen area than an iPod or iPad, other technologies fail to provide the true multi-touch experience at an affordable price for consumers. Microsoft has been promoting Multi-Touch and Surface tables for years. However, the new Surface 2.0 to be available in late 2011 will start from $7,600," said said Frank Lu, CEO of PQ Labs.

The suggested retail price of the new PQ Labs MultiTouch 24-inch overlay starts at $449 with Multi-Touch apps and SDK included. The basic version of the PQ Labs overlay can detect up to 6 touch fingers simultaneously, and the Plus version can detect up to 32 touch fingers, which the company claims is more than enough for the size of a 24-inch screen.

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