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Solstice "AppLauncher" Accelerates Mobile Development

Solstice Consulting has cleared the launchpad with AppLauncher, its new "build, test, deploy" software for iOS, Android, and HTML5 mobile apps. In the race to provide tools to refine mobile programming, Solstice has engineered AppLauncher to "automatically" deploy new app builds to test devices, app stores, or a developer's mobile device management platform of choice.

This automation procedure automates code quality checking for mobile applications, but also enables continuous builds for iOS, Android, and HTML5 Apps.

Custom Builds vs. Standard Processes

Solstice argues that we have a new challenge to hand, thrown up by the fact that many companies are designing mobile apps specifically for their own customers and workforces. From this point (says the company), "It has become clear that standard processes for building, testing, and deploying test versions of applications are manual, time consuming, and cumbersome."

If this predicament does lead to a "fractured development cycle" where quality control and project management become more difficult, then there may be a case for AppLauncher to standardize and automate the compilation, testing, and deployment steps, allowing app developers to focus on writing innovative code.

AppLauncher aims to further centralize the app build and deployment process by plugging into companies' existing source control and mobile device management systems — as soon as a new build is finished, the company can beam it to all the test devices in the field.

"At Solstice, we run dozens of mobile projects at once, so we saw how difficult it was to deploy many apps for different clients, all with unique requirements. We designed AppLauncher to reduce the tedious, high-risk steps in the app development process," said J Schwan, president and founder of Solstice Consulting. "With AppLauncher, your development team can focus on what you pay them for — creating new products, new features, and better functionality."

The AppLauncher Viewing Deck compiles metrics on the status of each app project. It then delivers that feedback through comprehensive dashboards that highlight an app's overall technical "health", showing specific code infractions. It also calculates the number of hours and dollars required to troubleshoot particular hang-ups. The software automates app unit testing and integrates with external user interface testing tools.

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