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Unisys Agile To Modernize Applications for Mobility

Unisys has announced release 3.0 of its Agile Business (AB) application development software for the firm's own ClearPath MCP and Microsoft Windows environments.

NOTE: The ClearPath MCP (Master Control Program) is an operating environment for ClearPath Servers with software to drive an enterprise-class server. The MCP operating system is a kernel that handles input and output, processes runs, allocates system resources, manages files and data, and provides a library of subroutines.

Using a model-driven approach and employing a high-level scripting language, this release of Unisys AB Suite allows programmers to generate complete applications from a set of business specifications. The firm is calling out its unique selling point here saying that developers do not need to write code line-by-line or separately define databases, transaction managers, and other crucial resources.

According to the firm's Bill Maclean, AB Suite Release 3.0 provides programmers with the capability to modernize mission-critical applications, without changing the core system, so end users can easily access them from mobile devices.

Maclean says that Unisys AB Suite Release 3.0 employs Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server for application development and lifecycle management, respectively.

According to Maclean's team, "AB Suite Release 3.0 for MCP is integrated with the Unisys ClearPath ePortal for MCP specialty engine. This special-purpose processor provides web services that enable mobile devices to be integrated into the ClearPath environment. Developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio to quickly web-enable enterprise applications without changing the applications themselves. They can replace outmoded text-based application interfaces with contemporary graphic looks, so mobile users can execute transactions easily on Apple iPhones and iPads, Android devices, and BlackBerrys."

Integration with the ClearPath ePortal specialty engine is intended to make it easier for programmers to modernize server-based applications — it also expands the range of application access options for end users conducting business at the point of customer contact and service.

Unisys has also enhanced compatibility of AB Suite Release 3.0 with the predecessor Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) development system. That compatibility makes it easier to migrate EAE applications to AB Suite Release 3.0 without impacting performance.

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