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World's "Largest" Performance Testing Platform

Cloud computing performance testing company SOASTA has launched , a new appliance billed as the world's largest platform for testing the performance of web and mobile applications. SOASTA CloudTest Pro is intended to give testing teams control to build performance tests on a single platform that integrates data center infrastructure and private clouds with external resources including public clouds.

Positioned as the first commercial software solution to integrate heterogeneous clouds alongside other data resources, CloudTest Pro works enterprise hybrid and private clouds built with technologies from VMware, Eucalyptus Systems and Cloud.com; public clouds including Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Amazon Web Services; and test communities like uTest.

"The massive resources of 'the cloud' have changed the game for performance testing, enabling organizations to test their consumer-facing Web and mobile applications fast, affordably, and at scale," said Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA. "There's now no excuse for the type of website disasters we've seen in the past that cost businesses millions in revenues and perhaps more in reputation. Effective website performance testing can reach a massive scale and it's important that customers have the freedom to efficiently and securely utilize their own internal infrastructure, as well as public clouds and test communities, to get the resources they need for internal and external performance testing."

SOASTA CloudTest Pro is designed for businesses with internal testing teams that want to engage in continuous testing in the lab and in live production environments, testing from internal and external sources and real-time resolution of performance issues. SOASTA CloudTest Pro appliance provides:

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