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February 2001/New Products

Industry-Related News & Announcements

ILOG Debuts ILOG Concert Technology

ILOG Inc. has announced ILOG Concert Technology, a C++ optimization modeling library and interface. Concert Technology unifies the two primary optimization methods, constraint programming (CP) and math programming (MP). Concert Technology provides a C++ object library for MP professionals, permitting C-based ILOG CPLEX to be used with C++. Optimization models can be specified using object-oriented programming, simplifying integration of optimization models into modern software packages.

Concert Technology is available as a feature in ILOG CPLEX and ILOG Solver. Concert Technology is also part of new releases of the ILOG Optimization Suite including ILOG Configurator 2.0, ILOG Dispatcher 3.0, and ILOG Scheduler 5.0. Pricing starts at $11,000 for CPLEX and $15,000 for Solver, per development license.

For more information, contact ILOG, Inc., 800.367.4564 or +1.775.831.7744; [email protected]; www.ilog.com/products/optimization.

I-Logix Introduces Rhapsody 3.0

I-Logix Inc. has released Rhapsody 3.0, a UML-based platform for developing real-time, web-enabled applications. A new feature in version 3.0 is dynamic model code associativity, which allows developers to work in either the graphical design or implementation code, while Rhapsody keeps both views automatically synchronized and consistent. Version 3.0 also features enhanced reverse engineering capability and additional support for UML diagrams. In addition, Rhapsody 3.0 lets users transmit designs via email and includes support for MS NetMeeting sessions.

Rhapsody 3.0 costs $11,000 for a single development license. Volume discounts are available.

For more information, contact I-Logix Inc., 888.845.6449 or +1.978.682.2100; fax +1.978.682.5995; [email protected]; www.ilogix.com.

Catalyst Releases SocketTools 3.5

Catalyst Development Corporation has announced SocketTools 3.5, including enhanced controls and libraries for most of the components in the package. The enhancements include improvements in general performance and reliability and full support for Unicode. For C++ programmers, the Library Edition also includes C++ class libraries and includes complete source for those classes.

SocketTools 3.5 offers a new HTTP control and library that supports all versions of the protocol, proxy servers, client authentication, and chunked transfers. Enhancements to the FTP control and library include built-in support for four proxy server types, as well as a user-defined proxy type, multiple file transfers using wildcards, and directory parsing for Unix, DOS, and VMS list formats.

SocketTools 3.5 Visual Edition or Library Edition costs $247 each for the first four licenses. The Enterprise Edition costs $697 each for the first four licenses.

For more information, contact Catalyst Development Corporation, +1.760.228.9653; fax +1.760.369.1185; [email protected]; www.catalyst.com.

Analog Devices Announces ADSP-21161 SHARC DSP and AD1896

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced ADSP-21161 SHARC DSP and its second-generation asynchronous sample-rate converter, the AD1896. Capable of 600 million floating-point operations per second, the ADSP-21161 SHARC DSP is based on the SIMD SHARC core that supports single-instruction, multiple data execution of 32-bit fixed and floating-point arithmetic. The AD1896 offers a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 130dB, conversion ratios of 1-to-8 upsampling and 7.75-to-1 downsampling, and support for the latest DVD standards.

The ADSP-21161 is manufactured with a state-of-the-art 0.18 CMOS process. Entry pricing for the 100 MHz ADSP 21161NKB-100X, 225-BGA (ball grid array) is $35 per unit in 1,000-unit quantities. The AD18l96 with a 28-pin SSOP package costs $11.30 per unit in 1000-unit quantities.

For more information, contact Analog Devices, Inc., 800.262.5643 or +1.781.329.4700; fax 800.446.6212 or +1.781.937.1021; www.analog.com.

MontaVista Software Delivers Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit v1.2

MontaVista Software, Inc. has released the Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit v1.2. The Hard Hat Linux CDK allows developers of pervasive Linux applications for data and telecommunications, consumer devices, instrumentation, and industrial equipment to develop their embedded software on desktop PCs and workstations and integrate and deploy their finished designs on mission-specific embedded hardware. The Hard Hat Linux CDK includes support for Red Hat 6.1/6.2, Yellow Dog Linux, and Solaris platforms. It targets embedded Intel x86 and Pentium, Motorola, IBM PowerPC, NEC MIPS, and Intel StrongARM CPU architectures.

For pricing and additional information, contact MontaVista Software, Inc., +1.408.328.9200; fax +1.408.328.3875; [email protected]; www.mvista.com.

Accelent Systems Unveils acceLinux and Integrated Development Platform

Accelent Systems Inc. has introduced acceLinux, the embedded/mobile version of Linux. Based on the open source Linux kernel and Intel StrongARM platform, acceLinux provides developers of Linux-based IA devices a version of Linux with all of the Linux kernel ports and device drivers needed to reduce the time-consuming learning curve associated with Linux development.

Accelent Systems has also introduced its Integrated Development Platform for Intel StrongARM. The Integrated Development Platform operates on Windows CE and acceLinux operating systems. In addition to StrongARM SA-1110/1111 processors, the Integrated Development Platform will support Intel’s next generation XScale microarchitecture.

For pricing and additional information, contact Accelent Systems Inc., +1.330.864.2300; fax +1.330.864.8674; [email protected]; www.accelent.com.

TASKING Offers C166 Tool Suite v7.0, RTOS-Aware Debugging Module, and SLE88 Tool Suite v1.1

TASKING, Inc. has released the C166 Tool Suite v7.0, which offers a higher-performance EDE, enhanced error checking for SAFER C, and a more efficient C/C++ compiler. TASKING has also introduced the RTOS-Aware Debugging Module developed for the Embedded Power’s RTXC kernel. The RTXC RTOS-Aware Debugging Module displays system-wide information about how RTXC and the application behave at a detail (queues, messages, semaphores, etc.) and summary level. In an additional release, TASKING offers the SLE88 Tool Suite v1.1, targeting Infineon Technologies’ 32-bit Smart Card.

The C166 Tool Suite v7.0 costs $2,490 for the C compiler and CrossView Pro simulator package. C166 customers with an active maintenance contract may upgrade to this version for free. A demo version is available from the company’s website. The RTXC RTOS-Aware Debugging Module is available as part of a CrossView Pro debugger package for the TASKING DSP56xxx Tool Suite, which costs $2,750. The SLE88 Tool Suite v1.1 is available for Windows, Linux, HP9000, and Sun/Solaris on request. Cost depends on platform.

For more information, contact TASKING, Inc., 800.458.8276 or +1.781.320.9400; fax +1.781.320.9212; [email protected]; www.tasking.com.

CAD-UL Announces Support for Motorola ColdFire Processor

CAD-UL has announced that the CAD-UL C compiler now supports the Motorola ColdFire 5206e processor. The CAD-UL tool suite features a C compiler that generates compact ROM-capable code and supports applications that use both 16- and 32-bit integer sizes. The Tool Suite also includes an assembler and library and provides linker support within the Workbench IDE.

The CAD-UL C Compiler and Tool Suite for the Motorola ColdFire 5206e processor is available for Solaris 2.x and HP-UX host systems. Pricing for the C compiler and tool suite starts at $2,200 a seat. A similar C++ compiler is available on request.

For more information, contact CAD-UL, 877.462.2385 or +1.480.945.8188; fax +1.480.945.8177; [email protected]; www.cadul.com.

Xceed Software Debuts Xceed FTP Library v1.0

Xceed Software, Inc. has introduced the Xceed FTP Library v1.0, a COM/ActiveX library that allows developers to add FTP file transfer capabilities to their Windows or web applications. The library takes advantage of the Winsock 2 networking API. The FTP Library v1.0 supports the complete FTP command set and complies with RFC 959, 1123, and 1579 standards. The library also includes features such as silent background processing, support for both single-threaded and multithreaded apartment threading models, custom interface advising, sending and receiving files to/from memory, and the ability to manually parse server directory listings.

FTP Library v1.0 costs $149.95 including a 60-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, contact Xceed Software, Inc., 800.865.2626 or +1.450.442.2626; fax +1.450.442.4604; [email protected]; www.xceedsoft.com.

IBM Offers VisualAge Micro Edition v1.2 and Real-Time Java Components for VisualAge Micro

IBM Corporation has released VisualAge Micro Edition v1.2 and Real-Time Java Components for VisualAge Micro. VisualAge Micro Edition v1.2 incorporates OSGi bundle management, support for real-time Java components, the personal configurations that add an Abstract Window Toolkit, access to relational databases, Remote Method Invocation functions, and an applet viewer.

Together with QNX Software Systems, IBM has also released a class library and test suite implemented in Java 2 for use with VisualAge Micro. The initial implementation is based on the current Real-Time Specification for Java (JSR #000001 of the Java Community Process, awaiting completion).

VisualAge Micro Edition v1.2 Individual Package can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s website. It is also available on CD-ROM for the cost of shipping. The Collaborative Package, which includes version and release tools and the team repository, costs $99 per seat. The Real-Time Java Components for VisualAge Micro are available for free and may be downloaded from the company’s website.

For more information, contact IBM Corporation, +1.602.569.3800; fax +1.602.569.6300; [email protected]; www.ibm.com.

Instantiations Ships JOVE 2.0

Instantiations, Inc. has announced JOVE 2.0, an optimizing native compiler for Java technology. JOVE 2.0 includes a software optimization engine, a native Java compiler, an intuitive console, and scaleable runtime platform that enables complex Java applications to be deployed as high-performance executable files.

JOVE 2.0 costs $795 per seat with no royalties or runtime fees, including 30 days of free support.

For more information, contact Instantiations, Inc., 800.808.3737 or +1.503.612.9337; fax +1.503.612.9499; [email protected]; www.instantiations.com.

LOOX Unveils JLOOX 1.3 and JLOOX Layout 1.3

LOOX Software Inc. has released JLOOX 1.3, a graphics and data visualization development tool for Java Foundation Classes (JFC)/Swing developers. Version 1.3 is now integrated with Borland JBuilder, IBM Visual Age, and Sun Forte for Java. It offers new image converter support that allows direct import of common image formats.

In addition, LOOX has released JLOOX Layout 1.3, an add-on to JLOOX 1.3, which provides the graphical component for automatic layout and visualization of complex topologies. JLOOX Layout 1.3 is a collection of Java classes used to visualize relationships between entities represented by JLOOX and Java Foundation Classes/Swing components.

JLOOX 1.3 costs $3,950 per license. JLOOX Layout 1.3 for Java 2 costs $2,000 for a single-user development license. Licenses include one year of support and maintenance, with no runtime, royalty, or deployment fees.

For more information, contact LOOX Software Inc., 800.684.5669 or +1.650.552.9310; fax +1.650.552.9307; [email protected]; www.loox.com.

MicroGOLD Debuts WithCLASS 2000

MicroGOLD Software Inc. has released WithCLASS 2000, a UML visual modeling tool. New features include VBA 6.2 integration. With this interface, code can be generated and reported using Word, Excel, Access, and Visual Studio. Add-ins can be created using the tool’s wizard utility. WithCLASS 2000 offers capabilities such as locking of classes and packages. WithCLASS 2000 provides reverse engineering support for all major object-oriented languages, including Java, C++, IDL, Delphi, VB, and Perl. It also offers full support for UML 1.3.

WithCLASS 2000 Enterprise comes with a Java Generator; Java ApiHTML Class Documenter; Access, Word, and Excel report generators; a Visual SourceSafe Integrator; and a Microsoft Repository Reader/Writer for importing and exporting to Visio and Rational Rose. WithCLASS 2000 Enterprise Edition costs $1,200. The Professional version costs $900. A free evaluation copy is available from the company’s website.

For more information, contact MicroGOLD Software Inc., +1.908.668.4779; fax +1.908.668.4386; [email protected]; www.microgold.com.

Khoral Research Releases Khoros Pro 2001 v2

Khoral Research, Inc. has released Khoros Pro 2001 v2, a visual programming environment that provides Java development support, tear-away release capabilities, new visualization tools, colorspace models, and interactive look-up tables. The tear-away release feature supports the release of self-contained, compact deliverables. The new visualization tools allow users to highlight image features by selecting any combination of bands from a multi-band image and display them as red, green, and blue. Khoros Pro 2001 v2 supports the full spectrum of color for visual analysis, allowing users to edit in RGB, CMY, HSV, HLS, YIQ, SYZ, UVW, and GREY colorspaces.

Khoros Pro 2001 v2 for Linux costs $3,695 for 1-4 user licenses, $2,772 for 5-9 user licenses, and $2,587 for 10-15 user licenses; the annual maintenance per license is $800. Khoros Pro 2001 v2 for Unix costs $7,895 for 1-4 user licenses, $5,922 for 5-9 user licenses, and $5,527 for 10-15 user licenses; the annual maintenance per license is $800. Academic, research, and classroom discounts are also available.

For more information, contact Khoral Research, Inc., +1.505.837.6500; fax +1.505.881.3842; [email protected]; www.khoral.com.

Mabry Announces TraceRt/X and ListBar/X

Mabry Software Inc. has released TraceRt/X and ListBar/X. TraceRt/X is a traceroute component that displays the route needed for network packets to reach a destination host. Each new host found along the way is called a “Hop.” TraceRt/X operates using the Microsoft ICMP.DLL library and by using the RAW socket technique. ListBar/X is a user interface ActiveX control that looks and behaves like a Microsoft Outlook bar. ListBar/X helps organize items into groups and provides numerous display options, such as large or small icons. It is an ATL-authored control, requiring minimal supporting DLLs.

TraceRt/X costs $59 and may be purchased online at the company’s website. A package that includes the source code costs $119. ListBar/X costs $99. A package including the C++ source code costs $199. Free demo copies are available from the company’s website.

For more information, contact Mabry Software, Inc., 800.996.2279 or +1.360.629.9278; fax +1.360.629.9278; [email protected]; www.mabry.com.

Princeton Softech Announces Component Factory r2.0

Princeton Softech has released Component Factory r2.0, a platform for developing and deploying e-Business applications. Release 2 supports full bi-directional synchronization for Java and C++ code, which ensures that any source changes are reflected in the models, and vice versa. Component Factory r2.0 ships with Java libraries and Java component repositories that contain Select Enterprise models for JDK, J2EE, and patterns for EJBs.

Component Factory r2.0 consists of Select Enterprise, a UML-based visual, data, and business process modeling and component-based-development tool; Select Component Manager, a multi-user, repository-based manager; and a language pack. Available language packs include Java, Visual Basic, C++, or Forte. Component Factory r2.0 costs $55,000 for 10 seats.

For more information, contact Princeton Softech, 800.457.7060 or +1.609.627.5500; fax +1.609.627.7799; [email protected]; www.princetonsoftech.com.

Z-World Introduces Dynamic C32

Z-World has introduced Dynamic C32, a 32-bit version of the Dynamic C IDE. Dynamic C32 contains libraries and routines supporting Z-World’s OP7100 and the PK2600 series. The Graphics Engine enables the use of an OP7100 touchscreen from another device via RS-232 without reprogramming, and with a well-documented and versatile serial graphics command interpreter, Graphics Engine allows graphics creation from remote devices. Another feature is a new UTIL.LIB IsZ80180() function that has been added to distinguish between original Z80180 (returns non-zero) and newer Z8S180 (returns zero) CPU cores.

Dynamic C32 costs $295. Upgrades can be purchased for $75.

For more information, contact Z-World, +1.530.757.3737; fax +1.530.753.5141; [email protected]; www.zworld.com.

DevelopOnline Launches DevelopOnline.com

DevelopOnline has launched a collaborative, online development center called DevelopOnline.com for programmers and engineers to design new or improve existing products over the Web. DevelopOnline.com provides instant access to the latest device platforms necessary to the electronic design process. Programmers have a native web environment that provides access to software resources without the need for large downloads. DevelopOnline turns the Web into an online product accelerator that reduces engineering cycle time.

DevelopOnline.com is built using Linux.

For more information, contact DevelopOnline, +1.480.615.6600; fax +1.480.615.6611; www.developonline.com.

BSQUARE Releases iWin Internet Appliance Kit, Time Critical Extension, and bInTouch Developers Kit 1.1

BSQUARE Corporation has released several new products including the iWin Internet Appliance Kit, Time Critical Extension, and bInTouch Developers Kit 1.1. The iWin Internet Appliance Kit contains the software building blocks necessary to construct web appliances and consists of a configurable shell, configurable browser, browser feature extensions, sample user interfaces, reference guide, and target platform optimization.

The Time Critical Extension (TCX) allows very low latency interrupts and times on Windows CE and complements Windows CE v3.0 and 2.1x. TCX solves the problems of long and non-deterministic IST latencies that developers face in developing device-drivers for Windows CE applications and supplies high resolution, low jitter timers.

The bInTouch Developers Kit 1.1 contains the essential tools for integrating BSQUARE’s bInTouch into a Windows CE application or custom CE device. The SDK includes the APIs, DLLs, documentation, and setup program required to add two-way communication capabilities to Windows CE-based projects.

For pricing and additional information, contact BSQUARE Corporation, 888.820.4500 or +1.425.519.5900; fax +1.425.519.5999; [email protected]; www.bsquare.com.

Sims Computing Offers J2EE Mentoring Services and Flux 1.0

Sims Computing Inc. has announced they are offering mentoring services to software developers working with Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Java applications. The mentoring services help software developers and development teams who may not specialize in Java or Java 2 Enterprise Edition, or need an objective approach to specific application issues.

In addition to mentoring, Sims has released Flux 1.0, an enterprise job scheduler. Flux provides a generalized environment for scheduling jobs in a Java or Java 2 Enterprise Edition environment. Features include one-time job scheduling, recurring job scheduling, scheduling using time expressions, and persistence.

Flux pricing starts at $1,000 including 30 days of technical support. A package including two days of onsite Flux training and mentoring on the best integration of Flux with application needs, as well as one year of tech support and maintenance, costs $7,000, not including travel expenses.

For more information, contact Sims Computing, Inc., +1.406.656.7398; [email protected]; www.simscomputing.com.

On Time Unveils RTPEG-32

On Time Software has released RTPEG-32, an event-driven, object-oriented C++ GUI library for On Time RTOS-32. RTPEG-32 includes a full set of controls that look and behave like those in Windows 95. In the RTPEG-32 event-driven programming model, user interface objects of an application are typically C++ classes derived from predefined RTPEG-32 classes. Such derived classes can override methods such as Draw() to implement a custom appearance or Message() to catch messages sent by a user input device, separate threads, or other GUI controls.

RTPEG-32 never disables interrupts, all operations are fully interruptable. Real-time performance is never affected. RTPEG-32 supports the multitasking scheduler RTKernel-32. Several threads can perform screen output simultaneously. RTPEG-32 automatically performs all required locking.

For pricing and additional information, contact On Time Software, 888.667.8200 or +1.631.689.6654; fax +1.631.689.1172; [email protected]; www.on-time.com.

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