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New Products

February 1991/New Products

C++ Solution For Embedded Systems

Microtec Research has introduced C++ development tools for embedded systems engineering. The tools include an optimizing C++/ANSI C cross compiler, a C++-compatible source-level debugger, and C++ symbol name inspection tools.

The new product, CCC68K, implements the 2.1 definition for the C++ language with numerous extensions to support embedded applications development. Complementing the compiler is the XRAY68K debugger for debugging optimized C++ code. Microtec Research also supplies a variety of inspection and conversion tools. First targeted for the Motorola 68000 family of microprocessors, CCC68K supports a superset of the v2.1 C++ language definition.

The CCC68K package also includes the ASM68K relocatable macro assembler and single and multiple inheritance runtime class libraries for I/O streams and complex arithmetic. The debugger provides a window-oriented user interface that separates user code and debug information into appropriate groupings.

Prices for the complete toolkit begin at $6,600. For more information, contact Microtec Research, 2350 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 980-1300; FAX (408) 982-8266.

Mark Williams Ships Coherent 3.1

Mark Williams Company is now shipping Coherent v3.1, an upgrade of its UNIX-compatible operating system. It offers a C compiler, lex, yacc, make, UUCP, text processing, program development, administrative and maintenance commands.

Coherent v3.1 includes information on accessing the MWC UUCP bulletin board system, a configurable AT hard disk driver for unsupported disks, an Adaptec AHA-154x series SCSI device driver, COM3 and COM4 serial line support, and a RAM-disk device driver.

Coherent v3.1 also offers a generic multi-port serial card device driver, a miscellaneous function library with source code, 16-bit version of compress, uncompress and zcat, enhanced mail, man, scat and msgs utilities, new and updated on-line manual pages, and numerous bug fixes.

Coherent v3.1 sells for $99.95. For more information, contact Mark Williams Company, 60 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062, (708) 291-6700; FAX (708) 291-6750.

Intek C++ For Windows

Intek Integration Technologies is now shipping v2.0b of its C++ product. Intek C++ is a translator that generates C code as output. The DOS version runs in protected mode at compile time, allowing access to all memory in the machine.

Intek C++ supports small data models (small and medium memory) as recommended by Microsoft. Intek C++ v2.0b supports the extended keywords near, far, huge, cdedl, pascal, fortran, as well as the new Microsoft v6.0 keywords, _based, _self, _segment, and _segname.

Intek C++ supports a variety of C compilers, including Microsoft C v5.1 and v6.0; Microsoft C+ with Windows, v5.1 and v6.0; Turbo C v2.0; Watcom C v8.0; Watcom C 386 v8.0; and Metaware High C 386. Intek C++ can work with other standard and robust C compilers that support 31 character names. Some of the users cross-compile from Intek C++ to C compilers for chips like the TI 34010.

Intek C++ sells for $495 for single copies; site licenses are available. It runs under MS-DOS on the 80386 with 2Mb of RAM, and also under UNIX System V/386. The UNIX version can cross-compile to any DOS C compiler.

For more information, contact Intek Integration Technologies, 1400 112th Ave. SE, Suite

Saber Software Offers C++ Environment

Saber Software has introduced Saber-C++, a workstation-based UNIX C++ program. It is a dual C++ and C language development environment.

Software engineers can use C++ immediately because Saber-C++ offers an interactive workspace and a full C++ interpreter for prototyping, experimentation and runtime error checking. Users are able to view and understand program elements ranging from simple data structures to complex C++ class hierarchies.

Saber-C++ offerings include automatic static and runtime error detection, source-level debugger, graphical browsers, interactive workspace, incremental linker, integration with UNIX tools, and extensive documentation.

Saber-C++ sells for $3,995 and includes technical support and maintenance for one year. For more information, contact Saber Software, 185 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02138, (617) 876-7636; FAX (617) 547-9011.

C++ for UNIX 80386/486

Computer Innovations is now offering C++ v2.1 for UNIX System-V based 80386/486 systems, including those from Interactive, SCO, and ESIX.

C++ v2.1 contains both Super-C and object-oriented features of C++. Super-C extensions include default function arguments, in-line methods and functions, type-safe linkage, and call by reference or value. Object-oriented features of C++ include class/method organization, overloaded operators, inheritance, polymorphism, constuctors and destructors, and virtual functions.

The package includes standard C++ class libraries for streams and complex arithmetic. It sells for $495. For more information, contact Computer Innovations, 980 Shrewsbury Ave., Tinton Falls, NJ 07724, (201) 542-5920.

C Code Builder Kit

Now available from Intel Corporation is the 386/486 C Code Builder Kit. This software development toolkit for 32-bit applications from a single vendor, provides developers with the single source tools necessary for 32-bit software development on Intel 386 and i486 microprocessor-based personal computers.

The toolkit contains the Intel 32-bit compiler, 32-bit protected mode source-level debugger, linker, libraries, utilities, make facility and DOS extender.

The toolkit sells for $695. For more information, contact Intel Corporation, P.O. Box 58130, 3065 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95052-8130, (800) 548-4725.

C++ Compiler for CPU Board Family

Heurikon Corporation has released the Green Hills C++ compiler for its 68030-based Multibus 1, Multibus II, and VMEbus CPU boards. The compiler will initially run under the UNIX v3.0 operating system and eventually will be ported to real-time operating systems.

The Green Hills compiler produces optimized 68030 object code directly from the C++ source code. The compiler (object code) costs $2,500 and is available for the HK68/M130, HK68/V30XE, and HK68/M230 CPU boards running UNIX v3.0. For more information, contact Heurikon, 8000 Excelsior Dr., Madison, WI 53717, (608) 831-0900; FAX (608) 831-4249.

IDB Object Database

The IDB object database from Persistent Data Systems is programmable in standard C and runs both on UNIX workstations and on the PC compatibles under DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.0.

IDB is based on IDL, the interface description language. IDL is a technology developed to manage the complex data structures of compilers and other software development tools.

IDB applications may be configured with or without an optional display manager and browser. Using the browser's built-in display, edit, and search operations, a developer can prototype a new application by describing its data. Applications that use IDB for display and data management are portable across the range of supported platforms.

The price of a single license ranges from $2,500 to $6,000. For more information, contact Persistent Data Systems, 75 West Chapel Ridge Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (412) 963-1843.

ToolBook for OS/2

Now available from Asymetrix Corporation is the ToolBook 1.0 for the OS/2 operating system. ToolBook is a software construction set that allows users to build custom graphical applications without traditional programming languages.

ToolBook is a set of application development tools, including a color drawing package and an object-oriented programming language called OpenScript. The tools feature hyper-navigation capabilities, animation, text formatting, and flat-file database creation.

The retail version of ToolBook for OS/2 comes with several applications: one that reads and writes dBase files, a hypermedia tutorial, a business calculator, an animation primer, a quick tour of ToolBook features, and a collection of scripts, clip art, and page designs. The OS/2 ToolBook sells for $395.

Also available from Asymetrix is the ToolBook Developer Program, which provides both development and marketing assistance, and a new ToolBook Developer Partnership, an option that gives developers unlimited access to a designated Asymetrix support engineer for more in-depth technical support. The ToolBook Developer Program is free with the purchase of the $450 Asymetrix Author's Resource Kit, a package of tools that helps developers build and distribute applications.

For more information, call (800) 624-8999.

XVision 3.1 Expands Network Support

Graphic Software Systems has released XVision v3.1. Its new features include increased X client capabilities, a new Program Starter that creates icons for individual X clients, and additional network support.

XVision is a Microsoft Windows application that turns PCs into X Servers. Users can cut and paste between the two environments without a DOS hot-key mechanism. XVision is compatible with MS-Windows 3.0.

XVision v3.1 allows the user to run up to 16 X clients simultaneously. The Program Starter now accepts command-line parameters that allow users to create icons for specific X clients. By selecting these icons, individual X clients are automatically started.

New network support includes Sun PC-NFS, Ungermann-Bass Net/One TCP/IP, and Wollongong WIN/TCP for DOS. XVision can be networked to a variety of X hosts simultaneously, including UNIX and VMS.

XVision v3.1 is priced at $449. Current XVision users can purchase the upgrade for $150. For more information, contact Graphic Software Systems, 9590 SW Gemini Dr., Beaverton, OR 97005, (503) 641-2200; FAX (503) 643-8642.

Spell Checking Engine For Clipper and C Applications

Geller Software's Spell Checking Engine is a library for Clipper and C developers that adds spell checking to applications.

This function library consists of object modules that link into Clipper or C applications, an English language dictionary with more than 100,000 words stored in a compressed format, and a maintenance program for adding or removing words from the main dictionary or for building specialized dictionaries.

The Spell Checking Engine also works with the Paradox Engine, Force, CodeBase 4, and other programs compatible with Microsoft C. Future releases will also be compatible with Borland's Turbo C and the Watcom C compiler.

The Spell Checking Engine allows developers to add spell checking and correction of any user input within a custom application. The system can also spell check a wide variety of file formats, including xbase data and memo files, spreadsheets, and graphics files.

For more information, call Glenn Hart at (914) 357-2055.

32-Bit Protected-Mode Extended Graphics Library

A 32-bit 386 protected-mode extended graphics library, libhpgl.lib v5.0, is now available from Gary R. Olhoeft. This library supports graphics direct to hardware for PC-compatible standard modes EGA/VGA/MCGA/8514, VESA/SVGA, Hercules Graphics Station Card GB1024, Truevision ATVista-4M and Wysiwyg hardcopy to HP-GL and PostScript devices.

The library supports mixed vector plotting and raster imaging, graphics viewports, user unit scaling, rotatable and scalable labels, and more up to 1,024 x 768 with 8-, 16-, or 32-bit graphics cards. The library comes with full source code in Micro Way NDP C-386 and Phar Lap 386 ASM, extensive example code and manual, 30-day money back guarantee, free upgrades for one year, and has no royalties for distribution of compiled composite code.

Libhpgl.lib sells for $300. For more information, contact Gary Olhoeft, P.O. Box 10870 Edgemont, Golden, CO 80401-0620, (303) 279-6345.

c-tree Plus Improves Resource Management

FairCom has released c-tree Plus, a new file management and data server product that enhances and extends the functionality of the c-tree file handler.

Developers can use c-tree Plus to produce a variety of application types: single or multi-user; single or multiple machine environments; applications with small or large amounts of data; optimized response time for a single query or a large request to select, sort, and return a set of data.

c-tree Plus features include expanded support for variable length and BCD data types and keys; file level alternate collating sequence support; dynamic space reclamation; high-speed hashed data and index caching; and improved native I/O system utilization.

c-tree Plus sells for $595. Current c-tree users can upgrade to c-tree Plus for $200. For more information, contact FairCom, 4006 West Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203, (800) 234-8180; FAX (314) 445-9698.

Microware Offers Multimedia Interface

Microware Systems is now offering Rave (real-time audio/video environment) real-time multimedia development environment and user interface for PC compatibles.

Using OS-9000/Rave, designers can configure realistic user interfaces and control panels by combining high-quality audio, computer-generated graphic images, captured live video and customizable menus in the same user interface.

Rave combines audio, video, and computer-generated graphics, and it can develop complex interface without writing code. Rave facilitates design of realistic real-time man/machine interfaces and runs on top of OS-9000 real-time operating system.

OS-9000/Rave sells for $750. For more information, contact Microware Systems, 1900 NW 114th St., Des Moines, IA 50325-7077, (515) 224-1929, FAX (515) 224-1352.

EMS Revises C Utilities Library

EMS Professional Shareware Libraries has been shipping a revised version of the Library of PD/Shareware C Utilities, which include more than 400 public domain and shareware C utility files.

Each file in the library is described and indexed in a database that accompanies the library. The library contains a variety of types of files, including AI, array, benchmark, bit manipulation, C++, communication, compression, database, date/time, debugger, disk management, documentor, DOS, editor, function library, games, graphics, mathematics, memory management, mouse, printer, network, security, tutorial, window, and menu.

The library sells for $79.50. For more information, contact EMS Professional Shareware Libraries, 4505 Buckhurst Ct., Olney, MD 20832, (301) 924-3594; FAX (301) 963-2708.

DOCZ Assists Software Development

DOCZ from Software Toolz allows the sharing and reuse of software modules by automating the documentation of subroutine libraries and programs. The documentation can be contained in the same file as the source code.

DOCZ also builds on-line help libraries. Program editors can be interfaced to DOCZ to extract function call prototypes from the help libraries while editing.

DOCZ helps developers transport help libraries and documentation from one platform to another. Its generated documentation contains all the information needed to create an object-oriented development environment. DOCZ supports all major languages.

DOCZ sells for $195. For more information, contact Software Toolz, 8030 Pooles Mill Drive, Ball Ground, GA 30107-9610, (404) 889-8264.

JMI Expands C Executive Capabilities

JMI Software Consultants has introduced new versions of C Executive, a real-time, multitasking, ROMable kernel. The new versions of C Executive support Advanced Micro Device's Am29050, Intel's i960, and the Inmos (SGS Thomson) transputer.

All versions of C Executive offer the optional DOS compatible file system, CE-DOSFILE. With this file system, any CISC or RISC microprocessor can be used to maintain MS-DOS file systems on-line. CE-DOS-FILE is compatible with MS-DOS file system media.

For more information, contact JMI Software Consultants, 904 Sheble Lane, P.O. Box 481, Spring House, PA 19477, (215) 628-0846.

Magee Adds Data Entry Features to Screen Manager

Magee Enterprises has released the Screen Manager Professional v2.0, an advanced interface design toolbox for C programmers. SMP v2.0 data entry features include field-oriented data entry, user attachable validation functions, integration with context-sensitive help, and an interactive field building utility.

Other features of SMP v2.0 include unlimited number of windows, event-driven mouse support, context-sensitive help, linkable libraries, and a tutorial with more than 100 examples of code. SMP v2.0 also offers a comprehensive menu system, recording and playback of keystrokes, and shadowing and overlapping of windows.

For more information, contact Magee Enterprises, 2909 Langford Rd. Suite A600, Norcross, GA 30071-1506, (404) 446-6611; FAX (404) 368-0719.

Air Data Offers Products For 80x86 Embedded Systems Development

Air Data is now distributing two new products for embedded software development.

Interactors is a concurrent object-oriented environment for C++. This real-time executive is based on multi-party interactions. The real-time facilities are added to off-the-shelf C compilers in the form of a source library. Interactors is compatible with both Zortech C++ v2.0 compiler and the Borland Turbo C++ compiler for MS-DOS.

Zlocate is a C++ locator for 80x86 embedded software development. The locator converts MS-DOS/Zortech's loadable code into absolute code format, suitable for programming ROMs.

These two products were developed by Objective:Systems, P.O. Box 265, Ville Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada H3P 3C5. For more information, contact the distributor, Air Data, 4440 Old Orchard St., Montreal, Quebec H4A 3B4, Canada (514) 484-0390.

Software through Pictures Available For Sun Workstations

Interactive Development Environments has made available Software through Pictures Release 4.2 under the Open-Windows v2.0 application environment from Sun Microsystems. The software is also available on the SPARCstation 2 workstations.

Software through Pictures under OpenWindows allows users to set up an X11-based software development center, using the full range of Sun platforms from the SPARCserver 490 to a SPARCstation SLC, combined with any X11 display server from other manufacturers.

Single license prices for Software through Pictures range form $5,000 to $21,000, depending on the configuration. For more information, contact Interactive Development Environments, 595 Market St., 10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, (415) 543-0900; FAX (415) 543-3716.

XDB Offers SQL Precompiler For Windows 3.0

XDB has introduced its SAA-compatible SQL precompiler for C. XDB will bundle the C precompiler with XDB-C and XDB-Windows software developer toolkits. With these toolkits, C programmers can build sophisticated applications for XDB's SQL database servers.

The C precompiler can be configured to be DB2, SAA, ANSI, Oracle, or XDB-compatible and is capable of running under DOS, OS/2, and Windows 3.0. The C precompiler provides support for both embedded and dynamic SQL. XDB also allows applications to mix XDB's library of functions found in XDB-C plus XDB's SQL engine for Windows 3.0.

XDB-Windows is priced at $750. XDB-C is priced at $595. For more information, contact XDB Systems at (301) 779-6030.

Database Software Consultants Updates Network Library

Database Software Consultants has released dCL-Net Library v4.0 and changed the name to dMill network kit for Clipper. In addition to this library, the dMill network kit for dBase III Plus and the dMill network kit for FoxPro/LAN will also be available.

These network kits offer an upgrade path, including an education component, a techniques component, and a tools component. Product manuals for the libraries are comprehensive and heavily indexed.

For more information, contact Database Software Consultants, P.O. Box 8380, Austin, TX 78713-8380, (512) 477-3423.

ZIM v3.11 Complies With 88open Standards

ZIM, Sterling Software's Entity-Relationship-based 4GL/RDBMS has been officially certified as compliant with 88open standards.

ZIM is an application development environment delivering complex, multi-user applications. ZIM is available on a range of hardware platforms and operating systems. The ZIM family of products includes Runtime, Query-Runtime, and SQL-compatible versions.

For more information, contact Sterling Software, 36 Antares Dr., Suite 500, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7W5; (613) 727-1397; FAX (613) 727-6940.

Microsoft Offers Upgrade to Lattice C Users

Microsoft is offering Lattice C compiler users a $125 upgrade to the Microsoft C Professional Development System v6.0. No new features will be added to Lattice C v6.05.

Version 6.0 upgrades are available directly from Microsoft. Proof of Lattice C ownership is required. For more information, contact Microsoft, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, (206) 882-8080; FAX (206) 883-8101, or contact Microsoft customer service at (800) 541-1261.

Motorola Supports High Security of UNIX Systems

The Motorola Computer Group will support the high security and multiprocessing features of the UNIX System V r4 operating system to be released by AT&T. Motorola will incorporate these capabilities into its System V/68 and System V/88 UNIX operating systems for computers based on Motorola's own MC68000 and M88000 microprocessor families.

For more information, contact Motorola at (602) 438-3576.

ParcPlace Systems Ships Objectworks

ParcPlace Systems is now shipping the newest releases of its object-oriented programming systems, Objectworks\C++ and Objectworks\Smalltalk.

The company also established ParcPlace Partners, a value-added business program for third-party Smalltalk application developers and systems integrators. The ParcPlace Partners program offers a variety of marketing and technical services that support the development, porting, and selling of Smalltalk applications.

For more information, contact ParcPlace Systems, 1550 Plymouth St., Mountain View, CA 94043, (415) 691--6700; FAX (415) 691-6715.

Informix Supports DEC Multiprocessor System

Informix Software is planning to make its leading line of information management software products available on Digital Equipment Corporation's recently introduced application DEC 433MP multiprocessor platform. The new platform will run the SCO UNIX System V version of the UNIX operating system.

For more information, contact Informix Software, 4100 Bohannon Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025, (415) 926-6300.

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