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October 1997/New Products

Industry-Related News & Announcements

Gimpel Software Announces PC-lint for C/C++ 7.50

Gimpel Software has announced the release of PC-lint for C/C++ v7.50. PC-lint will analyze a mixed suite of C and C++ programs and report on bugs, glitches, and inconsistencies. One new feature is user-defined function semantics. With this feature, the user may specify constraints on function arguments, as well as properties of function return values.

Pointer Tracking, another new feature, tracks pointers throughout the life cycle. This feature yields diagnostics when inappropriate pointer deletes or frees are issued, when leaks occur from undeleted pointers, when custodial pointers (pointers having custody of an allocation) are modified, etc. In addition, many messages have been added to reflect the guidelines of Scott Meyers' books Effective C++ and More Effective C++.

PC-lint for C/C++ v7.50 costs $239. Current users can receive updates at a discount.

For more information contact Gimpel Software, 3207 Hogarth Lane, Collegeville, PA 19426. +1-610-584-4261. FAX:+1-610-584-4266. WWW: http://www.gimpel.com.

MarshallSoft Releases Winsock Interface Library for C/C++

MarshallSoft Computing has released Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ v1.0 for Internet winsock programming. The Winsock Interface Library is designed to simplify winsock programming by performing many low-level details automatically, while adding several high-level functions supporting the most common protocols. Written in ANSI C, the DLL functions can be called from C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, or any language capable of calling Windows API functions.

The library includes 10 example programs implementing client DNS, Finger, SMTP, POP3, NTTP, FTP, and HTTP protocols, and a WHO_IS client and server program.

Registration for the Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ v1.0 costs $95 and includes full source code.

For more information contact MarshallSoft Computing Inc., P.O. Box 4543, Huntsville, AL 35815. +1-205-881-4630. FAX: +1-205-880-0925. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.marshallsoft.com.

DesignSystems Announces DSAppLock for C++Builder

DesignSystems has announced DSAppLock for C++Builder, an application protection component. This Windows 95/NT component fully integrates with the C++Builder environment to provide customizable security for any application.

DSAppLock features the ability to: set up and protect applications quickly using dialogs; instantly create "Try before you Buy" software for downloading over the Web; prevent time-critical software from being used beyond its proper life cycle; and secure software based on date, number of uses, or days from installation or a customized scheme.

Both trial and fully functional versions of DSAppLock for Delphi and C++Builder are available at www.dsgnsystms.com. DSAppLock for Delphi and DSAppLock for C++Builder each cost $139; both products purchased together cost $159.

For more information contact DesignSystems, P.O. Box 502, East Sandwich, MA 02537. PH/Fax:

+1-508-888-8953. WWW: http://www.dsgnsystms.com.

National Instruments Announces Test Executives for LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI

National Instruments has announced Test Executives for its LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI test-development instrumentation software. The Test Executives include the ability to call tests developed in a variety of programming languages, such as LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C/C++, and Visual Basic. Other new features include modular architecture, advanced sequencing and subsequencing capabilities, sequence-level debugging with breakpoint and single-step capability, and ASCII-sequence file generation/loading for test plan documentation or ISO 9000 requirements.

LabVIEW Test Executive v5.0 is available on Windows 95/NT/3.1, Macintosh/Power Macintosh, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX operating systems for $695. Existing users can upgrade for $195. LabWindows/CVI Test Executive v2.0 is available on Windows 95/NT/3.1 and Sun Solaris for $695. Existing users can upgrade for $195.

For more information contact National Instruments, 6504 Bridge Point Pkwy., Austin, TX 78730-5039. 800-258-7022 or +1-512-794-0100. FAX: +1-512-794-8411. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.natinst.com.

LEAD Technologies Announces LEADTOOLS 8.0

LEAD Technologies has released LEADTOOLS 8.0, an integrated development toolkit with nearly 300 functions, properties, and methods for color and document imaging. Twelve imaging technology categories are available covering scanning, color conversion, display, annotation, animation, image processing with region of interest, compression, image format import/export filters, multimedia special effects, Internet imaging, and database imaging and printing.

LEADTOOLS is available as 16- and 32-bit DLLs, 16- and 32-bit ActiveX controls, and a VBX. It also includes extensive example source code for C/C++, NEC, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, and Access (2.0 and 7.0). LEADTOOLS has a 30-day, money-back guarantee (US and Canada only), and free technical support via phone, fax, BBS, Internet, or CompuServe.

For more information contact LEAD Technologies, Inc., 900 Baxter St., Ste. 103, Charlotte, NC 28204. 800-637-4699 or +1-704-332-5532. FAX: +1-704-372-8116. e-mail: [email protected]tools.com WWW: http://www.leadtools.com.

Quintessoft Releases Code Navigator for C++ v1.1

Quintessoft Engineering, Inc. has released Code Navigator for C++ v1.1, an editor, browser, and code generator for Windows 95/NT. Code Navigator speeds software development via visual editing of code attributes, drag-and-drop code creation, and built-in and custom automated software design patterns. Code Navigator improves large-scale C++ software system documentation with custom reports and multiple views of its shared repository. The repository maintains a detailed, language-specific history of changes to the code with "nonlinear undo." Version 1.1 adds the capability of editing code generated by Code Navigator with traditional editing tools.

Code Navigator for C++ v1.1 has an introductory price of $425.

For more information contact Quintessoft Engineering, 3135 South State St., Ste. 108, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. +1-313-669-0192. FAX: +1-313-669-0193. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.quintessoft.com.

The MathWorks Introduces Simulink, Stateflow, and Real-Time Workshop 2.1

The MathWorks, Inc. has introduced Simulink 2.1, Stateflow, and Real-Time Workshop 2.1, products for modeling, simulating, and prototyping real-time embedded systems applications.

Simulink provides a graphical environment where users can create block diagram models of their systems and then simulate the system performance live. Stateflow gives the user the ability to model and simulate the behavior of complex, reactive, event-based systems based on finite-state machine theory. Real-Time Workshop allows real-time execution of models from Simulink. Real-Time Workshop automates all steps of code generation, including compilation, building, and downloading code.

Prices start at $1,995 for Simulink 2.1, and $9,995 for Real-Time Workshop. Contact The MathWorks for Stateflow pricing. Educational discounts are available.

For more information contact The MathWorks, Inc., 24 Prime Park Way, Natick, MA 01760-1500. +1-508-647-7000. FAX: +1-508-647-7001. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.mathworks.com.

Uniscape Ships Global C Runtime Library

Uniscape has announced Global C v1.0, a software internationalization API and runtime library. Global C helps developers create single source-code applications that support major platforms and spoken languages. The runtime library helps independent software vendors prepare their products for translation and operation in Asian and European languages, and enables client/server applications to process data within multi-platform, multilingual environments.

Global C allows developers to write one source code that reads from various language-dependent resource files. In this development model, linguists translate application text into the language of each target market, while developers focus on creating or upgrading the technical core of the product.

Pricing for Global C v1.0 varies depending on the number of platforms and applications requiring support.

For more information contact Uniscape, Inc., 303 Twin Dolphin Dr., Ste. 124, Redwood Shores, CA 94065. +1-415-596-1430. FAX: +1-415-596-1436. WWW: http://www.uni-scape.com.

HP Announces SoftBench OpenStudio

Hewlett-Packard Company has introduced SoftBench OpenStudio, a development environment that allows software engineers to co-develop C++ applications for Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95, and HP-UX systems. With HP SoftBench OpenStudio, developers can write Microsoft Visual C++ applications for Windows-based clients and HP-UX servers in a single development environment. In addition, SoftBench OpenStudio offers the ability to perform simultaneous debugging sessions for HP-UX and Windows in two side-by-side views; create single, source-stream applications for HP-UX and Windows through a simple pull-down menu option that allows developers to build source code for different target machines; and develop or maintain existing HP-UX applications from a PC.

Pricing for client and server OpenStudio license products starts at $999.

For more information contact Hewlett-Packard Company, 3404 East Harmony Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80525. +1-970-229-3800. WWW: http://www.hp.com.

Genitor Announces Genitor Skeleton Classes for MFC

Genitor Corporation has announced the Genitor Skeleton Classes for MFC. These classes consist of interface definitions and documentation for all of the MFC classes supported by the Microsoft ClassWizard. The skeleton classes act as patterns that represent MFC functionality. When creating new classes, users can drag-and-drop elements from the skeleton classes onto their new classes.

Unlike wizard and expert utilities found in most compiler IDEs, Genitor's graphical editing environment continues to work throughout the code maintenance phase. Users can continue to modify, move, copy, delete, and generally manipulate MFC-related items without working with text at the source- and header-file level. In addition, users can generate documentation for their applications that intermixes relevant MFC documentation with documentation for classes developed in-house.

The Genitor Skeleton Classes for MFC can be downloaded free of charge from www.genitor.com, or are available on disk for $19.95.

For more information contact Genitor Corporation, 210 Collingwood Dr., Ste. 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. +1-888-436-4867 or +1-313-213-2500. FAX: +1-313-213-2525. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.genitor.com.

ESP Announces RTXC 3.2 for ColdFIRE Processors

Embedded System Products (ESP) has released RTXC 3.2, an optimized real-time kernel for ColdFIRE-MCF520x embedded targets. RTXC 3.2 has been modified specifically to take advantage of ColdFire's memory-saving, variable-length RISC processor architecture.

The optimized version of RTXC 3.2 is a full-featured, multitasking, real-time executive that offers designers a small, fast, ROMable, and configurable operating system solution. The scalable kernel offers over 72 kernel services and requires less than 9.5K of memory. RTXC also features a compiler binding for Diab Data's D-CC and C++ compiler suite, including an assembler, linker, and archiver designed for the ColdFire architecture.

RTXC is royalty free with source code included. Version 3.2 for Windows 3.1/95/NT prices start at $8,500. All ESP products come with an initial one-year warranty and a full year of technical support.

For more information contact Embedded Systems Products, Inc., 10450 Stancliff, Ste. 110, Houston, TX 77099-4383. +1-713-561-9990. FAX: +1-713-561-9980. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.esphou.com.

DataPak Announces PAIGE Cross-Platform Library

DataPak Software has released PAIGE v3.0, a cross-platform library of runtime functions for embedding text editing, page layout, or multimedia into applications. PAIGE enables the developer to embed any arbitrary object into the text stream. PAIGE supports the creation of containers and non-rectangular shapes. Document data will adhere to and wrap inside or outside application-defined columns, linked containers, and irregular shapes. Also PAIGE supports scaling and print view modes from 25 to 1,000 percent.

PAIGE for Windows is 32-bit compatible and supports background bitmap drawing. Object code is compatible with Visual C++, Borland 4.x, and MFC. PAIGE for Macintosh is available in Codewarrior, ThinkC, and MPW formats.

Cost depends on platform and version.

For more information contact Datapak Software, 11815 N.E. 99th St., Ste. 1200, Vancouver, WA 98682. +1-360-891-0542. FAX: +1-360-891-0743. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.datapak.com/~datapak/.

Black & White Software Introduces Object/LM

Black & White Software has introduced Object/LM (Object/License Management), a commercial software licensing tool specifically designed to facilitate the deployment and metering of distributed applications. Object/LM enables enforcement of license agreements and protection against unauthorized usage of software.

Object/LM adheres strictly to industry standards. The product is an implementation of the CORBA Licensing Service defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). Object/LM supplies IDL interfaces with mappings to C++ and Java, and supports the IIOP Internet wire protocol. In addition, the MD5 standard is used for license key encryption.

Object/LM for UNIX and Windows 95/NT costs $3,500 per developer and $95 per deployed host. Quantity discounts are available.

For more information contact Black & White Software, Inc., 1901 South Bascom Ave., Ste. 700, Campbell, CA 95008. +1-408-369-7400. FAX: +1-408-369-7406. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.blackwhite.com.

Pinnacle Publishing Releases Graphic Server 5.0

Pinnacle Publishing has released Graphic Server 5.0, which adds server-side graphing capabilities to Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland C++, Delphi, and Visual FoxPro. New features in Graphics Server 5.0 include Web image file output with automatic map file creation.

Graphics Server 5.0 supports a variety of graph and chart types, including 2- and 3-D bar, area, pie, and scatter charts; as well as a variety of statistical lines, trend lines, and curve fitting. A built-in end-user interface option also lets users edit and save graphs.

Graphics Server 5.0 will ship with VBX, OCX, and ActiveX support. Graphics Server also supports data binding with Visual Basic 5.0.

Graphics Server 5.0 costs $349; upgrades from previous versions are available at a discount.

For more information contact Pinnacle Publishing, Inc., 216 First Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104. 800-231-1293 or +1-206-625-6900. FAX: +1-206-625-9102. WWW: http://www.pinpub.com.

Logic Programming Associates Announces LPA Intelligence Server for Windows

Logic Programming Associates Ltd. has announced LPA Intelligence Server for Windows. The LPA Intelligence Server makes Prolog facilities available to front-end applications written in C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, and most other Windows languages via a simple and intuitive programming interface. These applications can use "intelligent" algorithms in the background in an efficient and transparent manner.

LPA Prolog is a Prolog compiler system that can be used to develop self-contained visually-rich applications, or be used as an invisible back-end to add intelligence to existing applications. The run-time engine supports most industry standards such as DDE, OLE Automation, DLLs, and ODBC.

The Intelligence Server retails at $295 and LPA Prolog at $495. They are available for Windows NT and 95. Both include 60-days of technical support and a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Standard LPA educational discounts apply.

For more information contact Logic Programming Associates Ltd., Studio 4, R.V.P.B., Trinity Rd., London, SW18 3SX, United Kingdom. US Toll Free: +1-800-949-7567. International: +44-181-871-2016. FAX: +44-181-874-0449. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.lpa.co.uk.

The Symmetry Group Announces Sapphire RAD System

The Symmetry Group has released Sapphire, a Rapid Application Development (RAD)system that integrates the screen display, data entry, data access, and application code access into a seamless extensible system with interactive design tools.

Sapphire features include: automatic data access, display, and storage after data entry with no additional code; data access from unlimited sources; data scaling and decimal point control; and seamless access to application-specific code with the full features of C, C++, and other supported languages without requiring complicated kludges and database systems.

Sapphire currently supports the 16-bit Windows platform (and the 32-bit Windows platforms as 16-bit applications). A demo version of Sapphire may be downloaded from the Symmetry website.

For pricing and additional information, contact The Symmetry Group, P.O. Box 26195, Columbus, OH 43226-0195. 800-346-3938 or +1-614-431-2667. FAX: +1-614-431-5734. WWW: http://www.SymmetryGroup.com.

Thought Announces CocoBase Lite

Thought, Inc. has released CocoBase Lite, an Internet database connectivity product that allows programmers to use JDBC drivers without learning JDBC programming. In addition, Sun's Java Studio will include CocoBase Lite. CocoBase Lite provides simple database access in Java with no programming in JDBC or SQL, and integration with ObjectShare, Microline, Marimba, Random Noise, Java Beans, etc. CocoBase Lite works with standard JDBC drivers, is lightweight (only 60K bytecodes), and 100-percent pure Java.

CocoBase Lite comes with a free Java database. Cost is $150 per developer seat, with no runtime or royalty fees.

For more information contact Thought Inc., 2222 Leavenworth St., Ste. 304, San Francisco, CA 94133. +1-415-928-4229. FAX: +1-415-567-9945. e-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://www.thoughtinc.com.

Magna Announces Magna X 3.0

Magna Software Corporation has announced MAGNA X 3.0, which includes a C/C++ option and automated builds of Encina and Encina++ servers.

MAGNA X provides a repository and software utilities to specify components of an N-Tier application, such as servers, services, messages, and clients. Based on specifications from the repository, MAGNA X generates 100 percent of the required software server "housekeeping" code, interface definition language (IDL) files, make files, and all other middleware constructs.

MAGNA X supports most popular platforms, databases, and TP monitors. Pricing for MAGNA X starts at $60,000 for a five-seat developer's license. Unlimited run-time licenses are free for use within a single organization.

For more information contact Magna Software Corporation, 275 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10001-6708. +1-212-691-0300. FAX: +1-212-691-1968. WWW:http://www.magna.com.

Visix Announces Vibe DE for Linux and AIX

Visix Software Inc. has announced the release of Vibe DE for Linux and AIX platforms. Vibe DE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a collection of classes used to build and deploy Java-based applications for business.

Vibe DE is composed of a Java virtual machine, a compiler, debugger, editing tools, interface construction tools, and runtime classes. The Vibe Virtual Machine runs as both client-side software and as a plug-in to popular browsers, allowing Vibe-built applications to be accessed and executed from desktop clients in intranets and across the Internet.

Vibe DE is available for Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, and Linux. It costs $49.95.

For more information contact Visix Software Inc., 11440 Commerce Park Dr., Reston, VA 20191. 800-832-8668 or +1-703-758-8230. FAX: +1-703-758-0233. WWW: http://www.visix.com.

NCompass Labs Releases ActiveEnterprise

NCompass Labs has released ActiveEnterprise, an intranet/extranet publishing and content/application management system. The ActiveEnterprise System manages the content creation process by separating layout from content. Content is componentized and stored in a the central relational database, and the layout for the content is stored as HTML templates that can be filled in by multiple authors distributed across an intranet or extranet. Because content is decoupled from format, each can be changed separately. Moreover, a change in any one of the content or template components is automatically reflected throughout the entire corporate Web site.

NCompass Labs is currently offering a distribution program through the Web site.

For more information contact NCompass Labs, Third Floor Hudson House, 321 Water St., Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 1B8. +1-604-606-0950. FAX: +1-604-606-0970. WWW: http://www.ncompasslabs.com/mediaroom.

TurboPower Bundles FlashFiler with Rubicon SE

TurboPower Software Company has announced that for a limited time FlashFiler, its client/server database engine for Delphi, will ship with Rubicon SE, a special limited edition of the full-text search engine developed by Tamarack Associates.

FlashFiler is a compact database engine alternative to the Borland Database Engine. Programs developed with FlashFiler can be deployed on a single machine or on PCs across a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

Rubicon SE adds full-text indexing power to FlashFiler databases. FlashFiler programs developed with Rubicon SE can take advantage of the full-text search engine to quickly locate records anywhere in the database.

FlashFiler 1.0 supports 16-bit and 32-bit development with Borland Delphi. Current TurboPower customers receive a 20-percent discount. The product ships with thorough documentation, on-line help, free support, and the company's standard 60-day, money-back guarantee. List price is $199.

For more information contact TurboPower Software Company, P.O. Box 49009, Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9009. 800-333-4160 or +1-719-260-9136. WWW: http://www.turbopower.com.

Correction: Last month we listed Dart Communications' phone number incorrectly. The correct number is +1-315-431-1024.

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