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July 1998/New Products

Tetradyne Offers SourceView MFC Editor Library v3

Tetradyne Software Inc. has announced SourceView MFC Editor Library v3. SourceView supports both color and italic/bold font highlighting. SourceView can be adapted to most syntax requirements by setting object properties defining the characters that bind strings and comments. Reserved words can be loaded from text files. Examples are provided for C, BASIC, and HTML. An example of plugging in a custom parsing implementation is also included.

The SourceView view class supports extensive customization through a set of virtual member functions. Developers can add custom visual elements such as margin bitmaps for both display and printer output. Keyboard and event handling can also be customized.

The SourceView MFC Editor Library v3 costs $499. It can also be ordered and downloaded directly from the Tetradyne website. The library includes a single developer license and provides for royalty-free redistribution. The SourceView MFC Editor Library includes full source code and supports Visual C++ versions 4.2 and 5.

For more information, contact Tetradyne Software Inc., 408.377.6367; fax 408.377.6258; [email protected];

TechExcel Ships PowerTrack 2.0

TechExcel Corporation has announced PowerTrack 2.0, a web-enabled defect tracker. PowerTrack tracks and manages all defects, documentation/feature requests, and development issues. New features in PowerTrack 2.0 include integration with version-control software (Microsoft Visual SourceSafe), time searching, time tracking, enhanced importing and exporting, and the ability to create and use custom Crystal Reports within PowerTrack projects. Standard features include a scalable client/server architecture; universal ODBC support for databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and Oracle; and presentation-quality reports and graphics. PowerTrack provides workgroup functionality through either a PowerTrack interface or a web browser.

PowerTrack 2.0 costs $389 per license. TechExcel also provides a fully functioning evaluation copy that can be downloaded from the TechExcel website.

For more information, contact Tech Excel Corporation, 800.439.7782 or 510.283.8930; fax 510.283.8931; [email protected]; or

Dart Introduces MailBuilder

Dart Communications has introduced MailBuilder, a development tool for building email applications in Visual Basic, VBA, or any ActiveX development environment using ESMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 “drop-in” forms. MailBuilder complies with draft-level RFCs. MailBuilder’s MIME editing capability provides runtime and design-time editing of multi-level MIME structures that format text, images, sound, and video. The integrated ESMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 objects pipeline mail between the MIME control and network mail servers.

Sample applications with source are included for a list server, an auto response server, a questionnaire editor and vote counter, a mail filter that sorts messages, a sort-and-forward sample that redirects mail, and a bulk mailer.

Sample applications written in Visual Basic versions 4.0 and 5.0 support 16- and 32-bit operation. MailBuilder can also be used in most VBA environments. Free trial versions of MailBuilder are available at the Dart Communications website.

For more information, contact Dart Communications. 315.431.1024; fax 315.431.1025; [email protected];

Mainsoft Integrates Apogee Visual C/C++ Compiler with MainWin Studio

In a licensing agreement with Apogee Software, Inc., Mainsoft has announced the integration of the Apogee Visual C/C++ Compiler module option with MainWin Studio (XDE). Under this agreement, Mainsoft will integrate an optimizing compiler for RISC platforms into MainWin Studio. MainWin Studio’s Apogee Visual C/C++ Compiler module is a Visual C/C++ compatible compiler that supports all language extensions of Microsoft’s Visual C and C++.

MainWin XDE with the Visual C/C++ compiler module option is available for key Unix platforms. The Apogee Visual C/C++ compiler is certified by Microsoft to support Visual C++ on Unix. Pricing for the MainWin XDE with the Apogee Visual C/C++ Compiler module option starts at $15,000 per license.

For more information, contact Mainsoft Corporation, 408.774.3400; fax 408.774.3404; [email protected];

TurboPower Unveils Memory Sleuth for C++Builder

TurboPower Software Company has released Memory Sleuth for C++Builder, the company’s memory and resource debugging tool for Delphi programmers. Memory Sleuth for C++Builder debugs programs developed with Borland C++Builder 1 and C++Builder 3.

Memory Sleuth for C++Builder monitors a program’s use of resources while the program is running. It then alerts a programmer to the exact location where memory or other Windows resources were allocated but never freed. It monitors peak resource usage and reduces the possibility of memory overwrites. In addition, Memory Sleuth for C++Builder transparently handles programs that use packages and implicitly loaded dynamic link libraries.

Memory Sleuth for C++Builder costs $79 and includes online documentation, expert support, and the company’s standard 60-day money-back guarantee. For a limited time, Borland International will ship Memory Sleuth for C++Builder with all direct sales and upgrades of C++Builder 3 Pro or Client/Server.

For more information, contact TurboPower Software Company, 800.333.4160 or 719.260.9136; fax 719.260.7151; [email protected];

Electric Software Announces GlowCode

Electric Software, Inc. has announced GlowCode, a C++ diagnostic toolset for Windows developers. The toolset includes memory and resource tracking, leak detection, performance profiling, and code coverage in a small-footprint package. GlowCode requires no source code changes and is suitable for linking into all pre-release builds of a product. GlowCode works with Microsoft C++ (versions 4.xx and 5) on Windows 95, NT 3.51, and NT 4.0. Purchase price is $495 per seat, with site discounts available. The software and an introductory special, a 90-day complimentary license key, are available from

For more information, contact Electric Software, Inc., 607.539.6880; [email protected];

Excel Ships QuickCRC 1.1

Excel Software is shipping QuickCRC 1.1 for Macintosh and Windows 95/NT. QuickCRC is a design tool for discovering objects and related information for an object-oriented software development project. It automates the CRC card concept of identifying classes, responsibilities, and collaborations between objects. Design scenarios involving a group of communicating objects can be identified and simulated. New features in this release include a contents view, inheritance graph, and full text import and export of design information.

QuickCRC uses a diagram workspace for creating card and scenario objects. A card represents the properties of a class including its name, description, superclasses, subclasses, attributes, responsibilities, and collaborating objects. A scenario represents a design mechanism defined as a series of steps involving communicating objects. Scenarios can reference cards or other scenarios. Cards and scenarios can also reference external agents defined by the designer to identify system and user interfaces. As information is entered or changed for a card or scenario object, it is instantly synchronized throughout the model.

QuickCRC for Macintosh costs $395 and is compatible with the Macintosh OS 7 or later. QuickCRC for Windows costs $395 and is a 32-bit application for Windows 95 or NT. Existing customers can upgrade a single license to QuickCRC 1.1 for $99.

For more information, contact Excel Software, 515.752.5359; fax 515.752.2435; [email protected];

Zephyr Releases PASSPORT TN3270E Client for Windows 95/NT v6

Zephyr Development Corporation has announced PASSPORT TN3270E Client for Windows 95/NT v6.0, a 32-bit, Year 2000 compliant terminal emulation program for IBM host access over TCP/IP.

Major enhancements to version 6.0 include TN3270E host printing, hot host back-up, TN3270E SLP load balancing, Visual Basic Script compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and hotspot, mouse, and toolbar customization.

Since the software fully complies with both the TN3270 and TN3270E standards, it can be used with any IBM host running TCP/IP or any LAN gateway or router supporting TN3270 or TN3270E, including Cisco’s TN3270 Server for CIP, the IBM Communications Server, Microsoft SNA Server, intraNetWare for SAA 3, or NetWare for SAA.

The 32-bit PASSPORT TN3270E Client for Windows 95/NT v6 costs $199 for individual units, and $149 each for 200 units or more. A free trial copy is available for download from the Zephyr website.

For more information, contact Zephyr Development Corporation, 800.966.3270 or 713.623.0089; fax 713.623.0091; [email protected];

Synchrologic Offers SyncKit 2.0

Synchrologic, Inc. has released SyncKit 2.0, the latest release of its plug-in database synchronization component. New with SyncKit 2.0 is a complete set of system administration and maintenance utilities. The graphical Rules Builder utility simplifies the creation of data distribution and sharing rules for offline users. A SyncKit Monitor now provides up-to-the-minute monitoring of server processing, while a SyncKit Optimizer permits system tuning. The Sync Developer’s Kit also includes a complete set of APIs for application customization and integration.

SyncKit is priced on a server and per-user client license basis. Pricing starts at $30,000 for the SyncKit server, which contains 100 free client licenses. Quantity discounts may apply. For more information, contact Synchrologic, Inc., 404.876.3209; fax 404.876.3809; [email protected];

CardLogix Introduces Smart Toolz

CardLogix has announced its Smart Toolz Smart Card Development Kit for the creation of smart-card applications based on CardLogix products. The kit features a supply of different cards, a serial port card reader/writer from American Magnetics, and an integrated manual with tutorials on card system design and complete software documentation.

CardAppZ Application Development Software for Windows and Windows NT and a 32-Bit API Cardplex, for advanced programming options, are also included. CardAppz is a point-and-click program that lets users create a host card database; the user can then set preferred security options, choosing from three levels of security. Cardplex is a 32-Bit API that allows for high-level integration of a card system with existing data structures. Cardplex provides library support for all of the transmission functions necessary in building a PC-based smart card system.

Smart Toolz is available directly from CardLogix for $299. For more information, contact CardLogix, 714.380.1312; [email protected]; or

Lynx Unveils LynxOS Open Development Environment for Windows

Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc. has announced the LynxOS Open Development Environment for Windows (ODE/Windows), which allows programmers to develop embedded software on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 host platforms and produce code for LynxOS-based systems. ODE/Windows is an additional component within Lynx’s PosixWorks development suite.

The LynxOS Open Development Environment contains tools such as compilers, debuggers, assemblers, linkers, and related utilities. All tools are based on the GNU Toolchain (97rl), including C and C++ compilers, and the new Lynx enhanced TotalDb debugger. Also included are target kernel configuration utilities such as mkimage and MasterLynx, which are used to generate a Kernel Downloadable Image (KDI) for execution on the target device.

The LynxOS ODE for Windows is priced at $6,995. For more information, contact Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., 408.879.3900; fax 408.879.3920;

TopSpeed Ships Clarion 4

TopSpeed Corporation has announced Clarion 4 Professional Edition. An automated programming environment, Clarion 4 generates pretested code that is automatically created from the two-way templates and wizards. Its environment includes a comprehensive and versatile set of objects that provide reusable services for accessing, processing, reporting, and displaying data.

Clarion 4 includes a new database application framework, the Application Builder class templates, which generate object-oriented code. The Clarion 4 Application Builder Class templates generate everything from a single line of code, to full procedures, to complete applications. The generated code takes full advantage of the Application Builder Classes. Additionally, the Application Builder Classes feature browse code, centralized error-handling, basic edit-in-place support, an intelligent interface, and intelligent designation of virtual methods.

Clarion 4 retails for $499. For more information, contact TopSpeed Corporation, 800.354.5444 or 954.785.4555; [email protected];

Bluecurve Announces Dynameasure/File Trial 2.0

Bluecurve Inc. has announced Dynameasure/File Trial 2.0, a free downloadable working version of Bluecurve’s new Dynameasure 2.0 product family, Active Measurement capacity and reliability management software for Microsoft Windows NT Server. Dynameasure/File Trial 2.0 includes a fully functional version of Dynameasure/File 2.0 Standard Edition that is limited to one motor (single user performing work). Dynameasure File/Trial 2.0 comes complete with online help and is approximately 14Mb. Users will need a Windows NT system with at least 32Mb of memory to run the product.

Dynameasure/File Trial 2.0 can be accessed on Bluecurve’s website. For pricing and other information, contact Bluecurve Inc., 510.267.1500; fax 510.267.1501;

PowerBBS Computing Releases Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit

PowerBBS Computing has released the Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit. Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit includes: both VB2Java and Delphi2Java database products; the ability to configure the migration tool to convert routines and controls not supported internally; support for both JDK 1.02 and JDK 1.1 output; the complete JAVA d2j package source code; option to automatically create smart Java resolution independent forms using the included JavaSizer; and five hours of consulting.

Delphi2Java/VB2Java Professional Toolkit costs $799. For more information, contact PowerBBS Computing, 516.938.0506; fax 516.681.3226; [email protected];

Simple Software Debuts e_Fs v2.0

Simple Software Solutions has announced e_Fs v2.0, its File-System-in-a-File product for C, C++, Visual Basic, and Java programmers. Version 2.0 includes the e_Fs Explorer, a fully functional Windows 95 Explorer-like application that allows the programmer to view and manipulate e_Fs files. With e_Fs v2.0, a developer can create a file, called the external file system or efs file, and then store other files in it within a hierarchical directory structure similar to that found in most modern file systems. The external file system grows as the files it contains grow and as an application creates new files within it.

e-Fs v2.0 is available for Windows 16- and 32-bit, OS/2 2.x or higher, all versions of Visual Basic, MacOS, and various flavors of Unix including Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP Unix, Linux, SCO Unix, and others. Prices range from $595 to $1,595. For more information, contact Simple Software Solutions, 800.591.4260 or 954.782.4845; fax 954.782.0818; [email protected];

DataViews Offers DataViews 9.9

DataViews Corporation has released DataViews 9.9. Major enhancements include a full set of standard Windows controls that function with DataViews graphics, the mechanism for generating C++ code associated with DataViews graphics, and an integration with Visual C++ Developer Studio for MFC application development. Within DataViews 9.9, the native Windows controls are supported and made available through a toolbar in DV-Draw, DataViews’ point-and-click drawing editor. Once a Windows control is selected it can be directly inserted into DV-Draw’s workspace coexisting alongside DataViews’ graphical objects. The inserted Windows controls, like all DataViews’ graphical objects, are fully accessible in runtime through DV-Tools, DataViews’ C/C++ API. For DV-Tools, new C++ classes have added for rapid MFC application development.

Prices for DataViews 9.9 start at $11,700. OEM and volume discounts apply. For more information, contact DataViews Corporation, 800.732.3200 or 413.586.4144; fax 413.586.3805; [email protected];

Stingray Delivers Visual CASE 1.1 and Objective Toolkit/X 1.0

Stingray Software has announced Visual CASE 1.1, an update to the company’s visual modeling tool designed specifically for Visual C++/MFC developers. Visual CASE 1.1 includes an improved user interface and adds support for Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL) reverse engineering. Visual CASE 1.1 also provides developers with an enhanced, Office97-style user interface. Improved reverse-engineering capabilities allow developers to create UML diagrams from existing Visual C++ projects, including those that incorporate MFC and ATL. Visual C++ integration allows developers to synchronize changes made to a project outside of Visual CASE. Furthermore, the Visual CASE AppWizard makes it possible to create ready-to-compile Windows applications using Visual CASE.

Visual CASE 1.1 costs $695 per developer, and includes 60 days of technical support. Subscriptions, which include product updates and technical support for one year, cost $295. For more information, contact Stingray Software, 800.924.4223 or 919.461.0672; fax 919.461.9811; [email protected];

Siemens Nixdorf Unveils ComUnity Visual Framework 2.0

Siemens Nixdorf has announced ComUnity Visual Framework (CVF) 2.0, a product that allows developers working on different components to build large, extendable business applications. CVF 2.0 allows developers integrated access to an application model when creating code in the Visual Basic development environment, allowing use of modeling information during development. Models of application groups are stored in a common repository to support team development projects. CVF tools provide on-site form customization, multi-language support, component reuse for other customers, and variants based on company or user login, all from one model definition and code base. CVF also ensures that teams working on different components maintain compatibility through multiple versions.

CVF costs $3,000 per developer license. For more information, contact Siemens Nixdorf, 781.273.0480;

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