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September 29, 2014

A Loop Invariant Can Be An Optimization Tool

This week, we'll look at the helpful qualities of loop invariants.

September 25, 2014

Clock Edge Detection...In Excel

Faced with a half-million lines of output from an oscilloscope, I turned to a spreadsheet

September 25, 2014

Endless Flexibility, The Enemy of Agile

When monolithic systems attempt to be infinitely flexible, unfathomable complexity results and agility becomes impossible.

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Credible Android Development with IncrediBuild 5.5

October 01, 2014

CD technology integrates with Nvidia Nsight Tegra - Mobile

Gurock Introduces TestRail 4.0 with Redesigned UX

October 01, 2014

Gurock announces TestRail 4.0, a new version of its web-based test management tool - Testing

Perforce Integrates With Puppet Labs

September 29, 2014

Championing version control inside Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery - Web Development

Can You Still Get Lost With a Project Roadmap Predictor?

September 24, 2014

Predictive analysis solution from Innotas promises to improve planning and alignment - Cloud

New .NET Windows Processes Development Tool

September 24, 2014

A process designer, code generator, and scheduling service - .NET

Spiceworks App Center: A GitHub for Sysadmins?

September 24, 2014

New developer-centric push from professional network firm - Tools

CodinGame Video-Gamifies Programming

September 23, 2014

Visual video game puzzles can be solved in 20 different programming languages - Design

Couchbase's NoSQL Spring Investment Plan

September 22, 2014

Couchbase Spring Data Couchbase Integration arrives - Database

Facebook Announces New Developer Analytics

September 22, 2014

Developers to make data-driven business decisions to improve performance - Mobile

JetBrains PhpStorm 8 Supports PHP 5.6

September 21, 2014

Deepest-ever code understanding plus support for Drupal 8 and WordPress - Web Development

Events of Interest

October 1-3. Santa Clara, CA. Software Developer's Workshop at ARM TechCon (Dr. Dobb's bloggers Al Williams and Eric Bruno will be presenting.)

October 9-10. Palo Alto, CA. Code Stars Summit

October 11-12. Los Altos Hills, CA. Silicon Valley Code Camp

October 14-17. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Black Hat Europe 2014

October 17-18. Austin, TX. CITCON (Continuous Integration and Testing Conference)

October 19-21. Shanghai, China. GDC China 2014

October 27-30. Santa Clara, CA. ZendCon 2014

October 27-28. Burlingame, CA. GGDevCon (Google Glass App Development)

November 3-5. San Francisco, CA. QCon

November 4-5. London, England. Code Mesh Conference

November 5-7. Berlin, Germany. GOTO Berlin International Software Development Conference

November 17-19. San Diego, CA. RubyConf

November 17-21. Budapest, Hungary. ApacheCon Europe

November 18-21. San Francisco, CA. AnDevCon Android Developer Conference

November 25-26. London, UK. IoT 2014

April 8-16, 2015. Montreal, Canada. PyCon 2015

Videos of Past Events

September 2013. JavaOne

September 2013. SpringOne 2GX

June 2013. JAXConf 2013

June 2013. Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference

May 2013. Google I/O

March 2013. GPU Technology Conference

October 2012. JAXLondon 2012

September 2012. Strangeloop

September 2012. Intel Developer Forum

August 2012. VMWorld

July 2012. Java Language Summit

June 2012. Google I/O 2012

May 2012. Atlassian Summit

May 2012 (paid). Fluent Conference

March 2012. Multicore World

July 2011. JVM Language Summit