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Applied Logic Systems has announced the release of Professional Version 1.2 of the ALS Prolog Compiler for MS-DOS computers. This version is an interactive Prolog compiler designed for programmers building complex intelligent applications and expert systems. Based upon Edinburgh-style syntax, the ALS compiler produces code which executes native reverse at 3,400 LIPS on an IBM PC XT and 31,000 LIPS on a 16 MHz Compaq 386. Features include: a module system, tail recursion optimization, garbage collection, and the ability to create stand-alone .EXE applications. A virtual code space allows programs larger than available memory to run. Price for the compiler is $499, which includes one year of free updates. Reader Service No. 20.

Applied Logic Systems Inc. P.O. Box 90 University Station Syracuse, NY 13210 315-471-3900

Release 5.0 of FORTRIX-C is now available from Rapitecb Systems. FORTRIX-C is a software converter that provides automated Fortran to C. The new release adds the ability to support all of MIL-STD-1753 Fortran, all but five VMS Fortran enhancements, and virtually all ANSIFortran-66. Other new features include: an improved error handler with more complete diagnostics; a 30 percent reduction in the size of the output module; a post-processor that the user may elect to use to eliminate awkward (though correct) C constructs in the translated code; a makefile generator that creates a dependency script for the Unix system make utility; and a simple common handler designed to generate more efficient C source code under certain conditions. Reader Service No. 21.

Rapitech Systems Montebello Corporate Park Suffern, NY 10901 914-368-3000

BBx, from BASIS, is a derivative of Basic enhanced for business data processing. It offers file structures from flat files to multi-keyed files. Intrinsic locking at the record and file level prevent corruption of data during concurrent access. Designed for interactive processing, BBx provides data verification and error handling allowing development of userproof applications. Decimal arithmetic with programmer specified precision eliminates undesired rounding of calculations. Device-independent I/O facilitates the use of terminal screen manipulation (including windowing), printer forms control, and graphics devices. All implementations of BBx are binary compatible with each other.

BBx is available for MS-DOS, PC-DOS, Xenix, and Unix on over 65 different computers. All versions of BBx include a full set of developer utilities. Reader Service No. 22.

BASIS Inc. P.O. Box 20400 Albuquerque, NM 87154 508-821-4407

HiSoft has just released two new language products for the Atari ST: PowerBasic and ITL Modula-2.

PowerBasic is a Basic compiler that includes features such as procedures, functions, local variables, the CASE statement, WHILE and UNTIL loops, and character and integer constants. It also has short and long integer variable types, single- and double-precision floating point numbers and string variables. PowerBasic is a no-limit compiler-no program size limit, no variable size limit, no string size limit, and no array size limit.

PowerBasic will run on any ST with a disk drive and sells for £39.95.

FTL Modula-2 is a fully standard Modula-2 compiler with linker, 68000 assembler, the complete source code of most of the standard modules, and a host of utilities including a library manager and a complete CLI. Porting source code from other versions is straightforward. Some of the features specific to the ST are a menu creator and a desk accessory builder. The compiler sells for £69.95. Reader Service No. 23.

HiSoft The Old School Greenfield, Bedford United Kingdom 0525-718181

Laboratory Microsystem has announced a new version of the LMI Forth Metacompiler (cross compiler) targeted to Texas Instruments TMS34010 graphics processor. The LMI Metacompiler runs on an IBM PC, IBM PC AT, IBM PS/2, or compatible with at least 320K and MS-DOS or PC-DOS 2.0 or later. A hard disk is recommended.

The LMI Forth Metacompiler is a professional application development tool. It compiles Forth source code into a stand-alone ROMable or disk-based application. Other features of the compiler include: multipass, table-driven compilation; error handling; creation of ROMable or disk based applications; support of local labels and conditional compilation directives; ability to define and invocate new defining words and immediate words in the target code; optional generation of headerless code to conserve memory in the target system; optional compilation from intermediate states; built-in TMS34010 cross-assembler, using standard TI mnemonics; compatibility with the Forth-83 Standard; a detailed 200 page manual; and no royalty or resale licensing fee for well-behaved target applications. The price of the LMI Forth Metacompiler is $1,000. Reader Service No. 24.

Laboratory Microsystems Inc. 3007 Washington Blvd., Ste. 230 P.O. Box 10430 Marina del Rey, CA 90295 213-306-7412

A new version of MIP8 Software Development's Dyalog APL is now available for the Intel 80386 chip. The version is called Dyalog APL/386 and runs under the Xenix system on the IBM PS/2, the Compaq 386, and other 80386-based computers. Dyalog APL is a second generation APL interpreter designed to run under Unix. The interpreter is written in C and offers such capabilities as: nested arrays, a full-screen editor, session manager, an interface to programs written in other languages, and auxiliary processors. The product is priced at $1,495. Reader Service No. 25.

MIPS Software Development Inc. 33493 West 14 Mile Rd., Ste. 10 Farmington Hills, MI 48331 313-661-5000

Development Tools

OASYS has introduced a family of native and cross development tools for the Intel 80386. The OASYS 80386 development tool kit runs on VAX (VMS or Ultrix), Sun, and other 68000-based systems; and 80386-based workstations such as the IBM PC and the Compaq Deskpro 386.

OASYS' 80386 compilers use global optimization techniques and employ register allocation in generation dense code. Full support is provided for two floating point units, the Intel 80387 and the Weitek 1167. Additionally, each compiler has interlanguage calling capability, for instance, C programs may call Fortran and Pascal subroutines.

The OASYS C 80386 compiler may be used with host system debuggers, such as dbx, or with the OASYS C and Fortran Source Level Debuggers for debugging in cross mode. OASYS' Designer C + +, an optional C + + front-end preprocessor, is also available with the compiler. The 80386 compilers operate with other components of the tool kit: editors, profilers, and math libraries.

The OASYS Avalon 80386 Assembler/Linker and the OASYS Phar Lap 80386 Assembler and LinkLoc (linker/ locator) complete the tool kit. Reader Service No. 26.

OASYS 230 Second Ave. Waltham, MA 02154 617-890-7889

Borland International is now shipping its Turbo C Run-time Library Source, which offers complete source code to the Turbo C 1.5 library routines, with the exception of the Borland Graphics Interface and math-coprocessor emulation. Run-time Library Source is available to current Turbo C 1.5 owners for $150. Turbo C runs on the IBM PS/2 and IBM and Compaq families of personal computers and all 100 percent compatibles with 384K, PC-DOS or MS-DOS 2.0 or later, and one floppy drive. Reader Service No. 27. Borland International

4585 Scotts Valley Dr. Scotts Valley, CA 95066 408-438-8400

A documentation upgrade is now available for BEYOND.BAT, VM Personal Computing's package for PC software developers. BEYOND BAT provides PC developers with a script language, panel manager, and fullscreen editor so developers can extend the capabilities of the DOS batch language. With the tools included in BEYOND.BAT, developers can front end existing applications, create their own applications, and pre-schedule processing so programs run unattended.

The revisions to the manual enhance its readability and provide a clearer description of the product's three running modes. Illustrations have been added throughout the manual and the index has been extended. BEYOND.BAT retails for $99. Reader Service No. 28.

VM Personal Computing 41 Kenosia Ave. Danbury, CT 06810 800-222-VMPC

Miscellaneous Software

IGC has announced that it is shipping version 1.10 of VM/386, The Professional MultiTasker. The new version supports the IBM PS/2 and has improved hard disk support, support for VGA, and a shared RAM disk.

VM/386 is a control program that brings true multitasking to users of 80386-based personal computers by combining proven mainframe technology with the advanced architecture of the 386 chip. VM/386 uses the virtual 8086 mode of the 386 to create a series of "guest" virtual machines. VM/386 provides a separate copy of DOS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS for each VM. The VMs run concurrently, and each one runs as if it has all of the resources of the real computer.

VM/386 runs on a wide variety of machines and sells for $245. Reader Service No. 29.

IGC 4800 Great America Pkwy. Santa Clara, CA 95054-1221 408-986-8373

Tree86 Version 1.1 is now available from the Aldridge Company. Tree86 is a DOS extender and file management utility including unique features such as finding duplicate files, moving subdirectories, built-in mouse support, and EGA-VGA 43-50 row mode. Some enhancements include: the Xcopy command, which gives the user the ability to duplicate directory structures and copy files from one drive to another; the ability to search and work globally on multiple file specifications; the ability to use your own browse/view utility to view files; reporting of total and available expanded memory; and enhanced mouse support.

Tree86 operates on IBM PS/2, IBM PC, IBM PC XT, IBM PC AT, and compatibles with 140K and DOS 2.0 or higher. Suggested retail price is $49.95. Reader Service No. 30.

The Aldridge Company 2500 CityWest Blvd., Ste. 575 Houston, TX 77042 713-953-1940

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