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Packing DLLs in your EXE

June 2002/ Packing DLLs in your EXE

Listing 2: DPdemo.cpp
A demonstration of DLLPack

/* DPDEMO.CPP   - Illustrates the use of DLLpack */

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include "dllpack.h"
#include "cpuinf.h"

DWORD dpExceptionFilter(struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS *ep)
    PDelayLoadInfo pdli = (PDelayLoadInfo)

    /* If there is any chance that you can fix the situation, store
     * the address of the imported function in pdli->pfnCur and

    switch (ep->ExceptionRecord->ExceptionCode) {
        printf("Unable to load %s\n", pdli->szDll);

        char OrdStr[20];
        const char *FuncName;
        if (pdli->dlp.fImportByName) {
            FuncName = pdli->dlp.szProcName;
        } else {
            wsprintf(OrdStr, "ord:%u", pdli->dlp.dwOrdinal);
            FuncName = OrdStr;
        } /* if */
        printf("Unable to import %s\n", FuncName);

    } /* switch */

    return dwResult;

#define ELEMENTS(array) (sizeof(array) / sizeof(array[0]))

int main(void)
    char *CPUnames[] = { "8086/88", "80286", "80386", "80486", "Pentium",
                         "PentiumPro", "PentiumII", "PentiumIII", "Pentium4",
                         "unknown" };
    unsigned int result;

    __pfnDliNotifyHook = dpDelayLoadHook;
    /* Use SEH, do not set the failure hook
     * __pfnDliFailureHook = dpDelayLoadHook;

    __try {

        result = wincpuid();
        printf("CPU = %d\n", result);
        result = min(result, ELEMENTS(CPUnames)-1);
        printf("CPU = %s\n", CPUnames[result]);

        /* At any time, you can unload a specific delay-loaded DLL
         * dpUnloadDLL("CPUINF32.DLL");
         * Or you can unload all delay-loaded DLLs in one call
         * dpUnloadDLL(NULL);

    } __except(dpExceptionFilter(GetExceptionInformation())) {
        printf("Caught the exception\n");
    } /* try */


    return 0;

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