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Parallel Programming Event in Paris Coming Up

CAPS entreprise will host Parallel Programming Week 2 (PPW2) from June 22 to July 1 in Paris. The event will open with four reputed speakers who will discuss current multicore challenges, followed by five intensive developer workshops focused on parallel computing. Presentations will focus on "How to be successful in the multicore era."

Scheduled to speak at PPW2 are:

  • Jack Dongarra, University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory at the University of Tennessee. Dongarra will present "Four Important Concepts to Consider when Using Multicore Clusters."
  • Barbara Chapman, CEO of cOMPunity. Chapman will present "Application Programming in the Multicore Era."
  • Guillaume Colin de Verdiere, Advisor for Future Visualization Systems, CEA, Centre DAM France. de Verdiere will talk about the future in terms of massive parallelism.
  • Bernd Mohr, Senior Scientist at Julich Supercomputing Center in Germany, will discuss the performance of parallel programs and will give an overview of commercial and open-source tools that help the programmer in tuning their parallel programs.

PPW2 will also include two workshops on the CUDA programming model (basic and expert); one workshop introducing HMPP, software developed by CAPS enhancing the performance of manycore systems by using hardware accelerators while reducing development efforts; one openMP workshop; and one MPI workshop.

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