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SAP Inks HR Deal With U.S. Postal Service

SAP AG on Monday said it has signed a deal to replace the U.S. Postal Service's 25-year-old human resources management system with SAP software.

The MySAP Business Suite, which will serve more than 700,000 USPS employees, is expected to improve worker productivity and reduce costs by more efficiently tracking and deploying workers. The package also includes web-based self-service applications for employees.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The USPS, which is among the largest employers in the U.S., is the latest of about 50 postal organizations the German software company has as customers.

The USPS deal includes SAP's NetWeaver integration platform, which the Postal Service will use to aggregate and analyze worker-related data across the organization to help improve mail delivery.

"Postal organizations like the U.S. Postal Service can develop a high-performing workforce, improve productivity and control costs by leveraging workforce planning solutions from SAP to recruit, train and track employees while improving the skill mix of its employees, and providing managers with access to tools for proper planning," Steve Peck, president of SAP's public services unit, said in a statement.

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