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   Title: "Micro Web Server"
   Date:  24-June-1999
   Purpose: "A web server for HTML and images only"

   web-dir: %web-pages

   listen-port: open/lines tcp://:80  ; port used for web connections

   errors: [
      400 "Forbidden" "No permission to access:"
      404 "Not Found" "File was not found:"

   send-error: function [err-num file] [err] [
      err: find errors err-num
      insert http-port form ["HTTP/1.0" 
         err-num err/2 "^/Content-type: text/html^/^/" 
         <HTML> <TITLE> err/2 </TITLE>
         "<BODY><H1>SERVER ERROR</H1><P>REBOL Webserver Error:"
         err/3 file newline <P> </BODY> </HTML>

   send-page: func [data mime] [
      insert data rejoin ["HTTP/1.0 200 OK^/Content-type: " mime "^/^/"]
      write-io http-port data length? data

   while [on] [
      http-port: first wait listen-port
      request: first http-port
      file: "index.html"
      mime: "text/plain"
      parse request ["get" ["http" | "/ " | copy file to " "]]
      parse file [thru "." [
            "html" (mime: "text/html") |
            "gif"  (mime: "image/gif") |
            "jpg"  (mime: "image/jpeg")
   any [
      if not exists? web-dir/:file [send-error 404 file]
      if error? try [data: read/binary web-dir/:file] [send-error 400 file]
      send-page data mime
   close http-port

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