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SDForum Hosts State of the Clean Green Industry

SDForum, in partnership with FountainBlue, is delighted to hosting its second annual State of the Clean Green Industry on January 30 in Santa Clara, California, featuring policy-makers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and investors, updating the larger Silicon Valley community on the opportunities and challenges in the clean green space.

Mayor Chuck Reed of the city of San Jose is slated to give the keynote, followed by a panel discussion on the topic, "Where's the Green in Clean?" This discussion will feature a wide range of investors in clean energy organizations, from venture capitalists to investment bankers.

A second panel discussion on "Doing Well While Doing Good" will focus on what their organizations are doing internally to minimize their carbon footprint, and how their products and services are better serving their customers, how their efforts will stimulate innovation in clean technology. Among the members scheduled to appear on the panel are Subodh Bapat from Sun Microsystems, Annette Finsterbusch from Applied Ventures, Peter Graf from SAP, John Skinner from Intel, Rich Lechner from IBM, and Anne Marie Feldhusen from Hewlett Packard.

A third panel discussion will focus on "Clean Green Success Stories."

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