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Biometric SDK for Windows 7 Released

AuthenTec has announced a new SDK for developers to create applications around AuthenTec smart sensors and TrueSuite identity management software. With the TrueAPI SDK, developers can create applications or modify existing applications to include biometric support that leverage AuthenTec's security and identity management features.

AuthenTec's TrueAPI interfaces with the company's TruePrint smart sensors and TrueSuite software, enabling a range of new application possibilities that complement TrueSuite applications for replacing website logins and passwords, launching multiple applications and websites, and/or locking files and folders with the single swipe of a finger. AuthenTec's TrueAPI is built for Microsoft's Windows 7 and the new Windows Biometric Framework.

"Our new TrueAPI SDK provides application developers an opportunity to integrate biometric technology into their solutions and add a whole new dimension of convenience and security," said AuthenTec's Scott Long.

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