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Digital Signatures for SharePoint 2010 Free Trial

ARX (Algorithmic Research), a provider of digital signature solutions, has released the SharePoint digital signatures trial, a free 30-day trial in which organizations using SharePoint can test and verify digital signatures within a personalized SharePoint sandbox environment.

The CoSign digital signatures for SharePoint free trial enables browser-based signing of PDF files located directly in SharePoint Document Libraries, as well as the ability for users to digitally sign SharePoint List Items.

"CoSign is the only digital signature solution that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, and it offers a very powerful tool for SharePoint users who are seeking to automate their business processes," said Gadi Aharoni, CEO, ARX.

The release of the digital signatures with SharePoint trial comes alongside a recent version update of ARX’s CoSign solution. The update offers digital signing support for SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 in addition to CoSign’s existing support for SharePoint 2007 and Microsoft Office XP/2007. Further, the new release supports fully integrated workflow solutions such as Nintex Workflow and others that have a SharePoint foundation.

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