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Lumension Advances Stronger Security Posture

Lumension has launched its Risk Manager v4.2 to target the need for security professionals to establish and trend critical IT security metrics across the enterprise. This solution aims to gather, correlate and measure key risk data across the enterprise, giving clear visibility into overall security posture within the company and across individual business units.

The company suggests that while most mature IT security organizations have implemented a long list of defensive controls along with layers of vulnerability, compliance, and event management systems — security leadership still lacks a straightforward method of discerning their current standing in relation to real-world risks and communicating those indicators to senior management in a clear-cut manner.

Lumension Risk Manager also claims to provide the added visibility and trending scores needed for understanding how well internal security and external compliance policies have been applied.

"The ability to track and benchmark an enterprise's security posture on a continuous basis is vital to maintaining a protected network," said Jeff Hughes, director of solution marketing for Lumension. "Security posture trending offers key metrics about how secure a company is becoming. In tandem with this, IT security managers also need to know how well they are complying with internal policy mandates. This type of metric has typically been difficult to measure with any degree of accuracy because internal policies are not often tracked through software."

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