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Protecode Launches Software Lifecycle IP Management

Protecode has released Protecode's Open Source Adoption workflow, a suite of software lifecycle IP management tools and processes useful when adopting open source and other third-party software. These solutions implement a workflow consisting of a five-stage process that gives developers forward freedom in selecting open source solutions. Protecode's Open Source Adoption workflow process employs real-time techniques for checking legal obligations. It does not require any special training of software developers and does not disturb the existing development process.

Protecode's Open Source Adoption workflow and Software Lifecycle IP Management solutions are easy to adopt, install and use. They are suited to single site or multisite teams, with software pedigree information accessable to authorized users across the entire organization.

The five stage Open Source Adoption process and corresponding tools are:

  1. Central definition of an Intellectual Property (IP) and legal compliance policy acceptable to the organization project -- carried out by the development/business manager, together with legal counsel and captured in Protecode Policy Administrator.
  2. Legal compliance analysis of legacy code, or code acquired from contractors or suppliers, and establishment of a code pedigree database -- automatically executed by the Enterprise IP Analyzer.
  3. Real-time and unobtrusive detection of legal obligations of any new code brought into the project. The developer will be alerted if there is a violation of an IP policy, for immediate correction or justification through Developer IP Assistant.
  4. Automatic analysis of any code that is checked into the organization's Source Control Management (SCM) library. IP attributes are checked against established IP policies through Protecode's repository plugins.
  5. Build IP Analyzer will analyze the final product and provision a software Bill of Materials along with certification of compliance to legal obligations as per the established IP policy.

Protecode's Software Lifecycle IP Management portfolio includes the Developer IP Assistant, the software industry's first real-time IP management solution, Enterprise IP Analyzer, for bulk analysis and reporting of existing code portfolio, repository plug-ins for analysis of code that is checked into the library, and Build IP Analyzer, for ensuring end products meet IP obligations.

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