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The SPAMMED Architecture Framework

Arnon is a software architect with 16 years of experience building large, complex distributed systems on various platforms ranging from HP-UX and Solaris to AS400 and Windows. Arnon blogs at and also writes the Dr. Dobb's Portal blog on software architecture and design at He can be contacted at

Congratulations! You have just been made lead architect for your company's next flagship project. The project, whose initial estimates range from 200-300 man years to complete, is both complicated and important—and under the C-level microscope. Where do you start?

Enter the SPAMMED Architecture Framework (SAF). SAF identifies the steps and activities you need to design, model, and build successful architectures. But designing software architectures is not just the modeling. There are all kinds of activities that help ensure that the model is usable and that the architecture is successful; hence, the acronym "SPAMMED," which:

  • Identifies Stakeholders
  • Lists Principles, goals, and constraints
  • Discovers quality Attributes
  • Models
  • Maps to technology
  • Evaluates
  • Deploys

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