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Siebel Announces Worldwide BPO Alliance

Siebel Systems strengthened its service provider partnerships with the announcement yesterday of its Global Business Process Outsourcing Alliance program. Siebel will deliver enhanced product and support offerings to its 750 consulting and service partners worldwide.

At the heart of the program are new pricing models specifically designed for Siebel's business process outsourcing (BPO) partners. The scheme includes new subscription terms and price structures to provide greater pricing flexibility. The alliance also provides partners with additional marketing and technology support in developing go-to-market plans in defined markets, and flexible inventory management options.

According to Marty Sunde, Siebel's vice president and general manager for alliances, by strengthening outsourcers' service offerings through the Global Business Process Outsourcing Alliance, the company is answering its customers' needs.

"Clients realize their greatest return on investment in Siebel's technology when they focus on business outcomes and re-architect key processes to achieve desired business results," Sunde said in a statement. "Business Process Outsourcing firms are experiencing unprecedented growth because they are willing to align their business return in proportion to the business value their clients receive. Siebel is endorsing the power of this alignment with our new BPO offerings."

No sooner was the program announced than EDS became the first outsourcing firm to sign onto the Global BPO Alliance. A long-time Siebel partner, under the agreement EDS will standardize its service offerings on industry-specific solutions targeting the manufacturing, financials, government and transportation industries.

"EDS and Siebel Systems are leveraging their deep industry knowledge to address the issues that are unique to companies in specific industries," EDS vice president Sally Herbert said in a statement. "These joint solutions leverage EDS' agile platform, global reach and services experience to deliver robust functionality and improved processes to clients. Together, we have structured economic models that support the long-term, sustained delivery of these solutions."

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