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Verity Stob

Dr. Dobb's JournalCommunity Voices
July 16, 2008

Back in the day, Dr. Dobb's Journal ran a humorous column written by a programmer in the United Kingdom under the pseudonym Verity Stob. In this installment from 2002, Verity took aim at critics of Microsoft's .NET and its treatment of C++.

- JVM Languages

Divided by a Common Language

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
July 01, 2004

"I have come to view C++ as a federation of several different languages: C, OO C++, STL, [and] TMP," wrote Scott Meyers on the comp.lang.c++.moderated newsgroup. Quite so, and the species of programmer that live in the federation are quite varied, too, claims Verity Stob. - .NET

Mr. Babbage is Distracted

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
June 01, 2004

The Biographies of Women Mathematicians web site notes that Ada, Countess Lovelace's social life "in addition to Charles Babbage, included Sir David Brewster (the originator of the kaleidoscope)...[and] Charles Dickens." Verity Stob thinks this may explain a famous failure.

Scripted Responses

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
May 01, 2004

When, last week, Verity Stob found herself writing code in one scripting language to generate an API in a second to be called from a third, she thought it was time somebody looked into this Tower of Babel.

From Mordor to Damascus

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
April 01, 2004

Verity Stob is granted a revelation.

A Slice of Tongue

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
March 01, 2004

"In 50 years, perhaps much less, the ability to read and write [computer] code will be as essential for professionals of every stripe as the ability to read and write a human language is today," claimed Dylan "inspiration for The Matrix" Evans in The Guardian. Oh yeah? - Parallel

The Way We Were

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
February 01, 2004

Kids today. They just don't appreciate a good phosphor green terminal.

Borland Revelations

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
January 01, 2004

Verity comes down from the mount to deliver to us the news from Borcon, chapter and verse.

Jam Today

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
December 01, 2003

From time to time Ms. Stob indulges in a bit of poesy. Here is her latest installment.

Flim Flann

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
November 01, 2003

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