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SDForum's Global Open Source Colloquium

Dr. Dobb's Journal
March 12, 2009

International speakers and panelists to discuss the state of open source software - Open Source

CollabNet Releases CUBiT 2.0

Dr. Dobb's Journal
September 24, 2008

New features include support for cloud computing - Tools

Developer's Notebook

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
September 09, 2008

New development products. - Tools

The ROI of Distributed Development

Dr. Dobb's Journal
April 15, 2008

Join our expert speakers to learn how to realize the new economics of distributed development, and hear how major companies are transforming their software development model to accelerate innovation and realize significant cost savings. Event Date: Thursday, May 1, 2008 - Design

CollabNet Updates Its Desktop Eclipse Edition

Dr. Dobb's Journal
November 07, 2007

Provides end-to-end support for distributed software development and ALM directly into Eclipse - Open Source

ALM 2.0: Tying your customer into the Development Lifecycle

Dr. Dobb's Journal
October 30, 2007

See how case and issue management can be fully integrated into the software development lifecycle, even when support and development teams are geographically distributed. Learn how your teams can easily collaborate cross-functionally and with external customers. Find out how to gain greater real-time visibility on development projects while improving customer satisfaction and competitiveness. - Design

Subversion and Linux: Setup and Use, Part 1

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
July 30, 2007

First you set up Subversion, then you use it - Open Source

Accelerate Software Delivery with Collaborative Software Development

Dr. Dobb's Journal
July 12, 2007

Outsourcing, multi-site development, open source, and Web services present new challenges in Software Development. In this information-packed session, you'll learn key tools and techniques to optimize the development process, synchronize distributed development, accelerate time to market and maximize your ROI. - Design

Conversations: On-Demand Collaboration

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
July 02, 2007

What's "on-demand collaboration"? Jack Repenning, CollabNet's CTO, explains. - Design

Bringing C++ to Vista: Leveraging Your C++ Code-Base to Create Native Windows Vista Applications

Dr. Dobb's Journal
April 10, 2007

During this NetSeminar, we will address the following topics:

  • What are the inherent challenges in targeting Vista with C++?
  • How does the comprehensive Qt® C++ API allow you to create applications that look and feel at home on Vista?
  • How can you incorporate powerful features like multi-threading into your Vista application?
  • How can you leverage a single C++ code-base to target additional operating systems like Linux® and Mac® OS X? - C/C++

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