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Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
April 01, 2002

Liane wrote from summer camp, fuming: "The camp administration decided to institute a color war, probably to satisfy nostalgic parents," she wrote. "It was the Red team against the Blue team. I was on Blue. The main event involved a game with two large concentric circles. Inside the smaller circle were the judges. In the annulus of the larger circle were the members of the Red team. We Blues started outside the larger circle. We had a strategy meeting.

Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner: Child's Ply

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
October 01, 2001

Dr. Ecco and Liane divide their attention to add up the pluses and minuses in an effort to multiply the fun factor of Astrid Svensen's math class.

Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner: Who Rules?

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
September 01, 2001

The problem Ecco and Liane face this month doesn't involve too many generals and not enough privates, but in figuring out who gives the orders and who carries them out.

Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner

Dr. Dobb's Journal,
January 01, 2001

The "Wildfire" Ecco and Liane have to deal with is more than a golden oldie rock hit.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
December 01, 2000

Genetics, protein networks, and a Russian physicist are among the challenges Ecco and Liane face this month.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
July 01, 2000

Ecco and Liane take on the challenge of wordsnakes -- a list of words without repeats such that some suffix of each word is a nonempty prefix of the next word in the list.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
June 01, 2000

Are Ecco and Liane the antidote for a deadly new strain of microvirus? Read and find out.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
April 01, 2000

There's bad blood around Ecco's flat, as the good doctor and his sidekick Liane lend a hand to medical science.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
May 01, 1999

Dr. Ecco joins forces with the NSA, FBI, and other crime-stoppers to help fight web terrorism.


Dr. Dobb's Journal,
December 01, 1998

Police commissioner Bratt shows up at Dr. Ecco's door once again, as he seeks to address the twin towers of public transportation and public safety.

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