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This Week's Developer Reading List

A list of book releases compiled by Dr. Dobb's to keep you up-to-date on software development tools and techniques.

Building Domain Specific Languages in Boo
by Ayende Rahien
Building Domain Specific Languages in Boo shows you how to write DSLs for .NET by exploring two different views of the problem. This book first shows how to design, extend, version, and evolve a DSL, focusing on approaches and patterns. You'll get a fast-paced Boo tutorial and immediately start putting this handy language to productive use as you learn how to implement DSLs in real code.

Model Predictive Control System Design and
Implementation Using MATLAB

by Wang, Liuping
Model Predictive Control (MPC) addresses both industrial and academic circles. Issues such as plant optimization and constrained control that are critical to industrial engineers are naturally embedded in its designs. After the theoretical presentation, detailed coverage is given to three sample industrial applications: a food extruder, a motor and a magnetic bearing system. The subject of quadratic programming, often associated with the core optimization algorithms of MPC is also introduced and explained.

Games: Unifying Logic, Language, and Philosophy
by Ondrej Majer, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, and Tero Tulenheimo (Editors)
This volume presents mathematical game theory as an interface between logic and philosophy. It provides a discussion of various aspects of this interaction, covering new technical results and examining the philosophical insights that these have yielded. Organized in four sections it offers a balanced mix of papers dedicated to the major trends in the field: the dialogical approach to logic, Hintikka-style game-theoretic semantics, game-theoretic models of various domains (including computation and natural language) and logical analyses of game-theoretic situations.

Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications
by Ana I. Perez-Neira and Marc Realp Campalans
Providing quality of service for 3G networks -- where content is downloaded to a mobile wireless device -- is a major challenge for network operators. Cross-layer resource allocation offers a new means to develop quality of service by improving signal quality over a larger area, increasing network and spectrum utilization. This book is the first to link the physical (PHY) and network (MAC) layers by providing resource allocation techniques, models and methodologies for developing better networks.

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