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This Week’s Developer Reading List

A list of book releases compiled by Dr. Dobb’s to keep you up-to-date on software development tools and techniques.

My New iPhone
by Wallace Wang
Available next month for those who have just purchased an iPhone or have been toting one around doing little more than making phone calls, this book is an essential, project-based guide that guides readers through 52 simple and fun projects that show how to get the most out of their new toy. Readers learn how their iPhone works step-by-step, as they configure and manage multiple email accounts, transfer music, and sync their computer with their iPhone. Author Wallace Wang shows readers how to harness the full power of their iPhone, including how to: View weather predictions, traffic patterns, flight information, and stock quotes; ake notes, send text messages, and browse the web; find and install the best new applications and games; browse iTunes, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos; use Skype to make long-distance calls for free; create ringtones and download free podcasts and audiobooks; and troubleshoot the iPhone's most common errors, like bad network connections and application crashes.

Agile Coaching
by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley
Discover how to coach your team to become more Agile. Agile Coaching demystifies agile practices—it’s a practical guide to creating strong agile teams. Packed with useful tips from practicing agile coaches Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley, this book gives you coaching tools that you can apply whether you are a project manager, a technical lead, or working in a software team.

C for Engineers and Scientists: An Interpretive Approach
by Harry H. Cheng
This book is a complete and authoritative introduction to computer programming in C, with introductions to C++, Ch, MATLAB, and Fortran. This book is designed to teach students how to solve engineering and science problems using the C programming language. It teaches beginners with no previous programming experience the underlying working principles of scientific computing and a disciplined approach for software development. All the major features of C89 and C99 are presented with numerous engineering application examples derived from production code. The book reveals the coding techniques used by the best C programmers and shows how experts solve problems in C. It can be used as a textbook for students in computer science, engineering, science, and other disciplines. It is also an invaluable resource and reference book for seasoned programmers. The book focuses on systematic software design approach in C for applications in engineering and science following the latest standard developed by the ANSI and ISO C Standard Committees called C99, which resolved many deficiencies of C89 for applications in engineering and science.

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