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Vordel 5 Promises Speedy, Secure, and Scalable SOA

XML security vendor Vordel has released Vordel 5, expanding its offerings beyond XML firewalls and gateways to provide a broader suite of XML management tools. Vordel 5 is designed to provide full control of XML network infrastructures for enterprises deploying high performance, enterprise-level SOA. The suite includes:

Vordel XML Firewall -- Malicious and unauthorized access prevention
Vordel XML Gateway -- XML offload, data routing, transformation, and app acceleration management
Vordel Policy Director -- Policy creation and management for XML networking
Vordel Reporter -- Customizable Web Service usage reporting
Vordel SOAPbox -- Web Services testing for speed, scalability, and security holes

In the company's statement, Vordel CEO Vic Morris said, "we are proud to announce this latest generation of product which builds on several years of solid enterprise level engineering engagements within some of the world's most significant XML production environments." Vordel CTO Mark O'Neill has posted a few screenshots demonstrating the benefits of the XML Gateway and the Policy Director. Mark said, "One thing we're really proud of is our Policy Studio. The feedback from our customers is that it offers an easy but powerful way to create policies for XML Networking."

Vordel offers free trials for all of the new tools in the Vordel 5 suite. For more information visit

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