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Vote for Imagine Cup Mobility Finalists

At this year's Imagine Cup, Microsoft has introduced and accepted technologies in the mobility category and each of this year's creations have a mobile component specifically dedicated to the Windows Mobile platform. For the first time, Microsoft is inviting the public to vote for your favorite finalist within the U.S. team in the People's Choice competition. There are 15 finalists with ideas ranging from combating AIDS, malaria, and other diseases to ensuring environmental sustainability.

Between now and April 30, people can go online to view videos, read more about the U.S. student finalist teams and their innovations, and vote for their favorite at

Microsoft is flying all 15 finalist teams to the U.S. finals in Boston to showcase their innovations to a panel of judges. The grand prize winning team will receive cash prizes or a team grant ranging from $8,000 to $16,000.

The Imagine Cup, which is open to students around the world, is a challenge that encourages young people to apply their imagination, passion, and creativity to technology innovations that will make a difference. Finalists from this round go on to the international competition finals in Cairo, Egypt.

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