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Ada, Real-time, and Windows

AdaCore has announced the availability of GNAT Pro for RTX, an Ada IDE that lets programmers produce real-time Ada applications on Windows. GNAT Pro for RTX supports two different modes: a Windows executable with memory protection, and a real-time subsystem that executes in kernel mode with hard, real-time behavior. This enhanced control and scalability helps simplify development of critical applications, including industrial automation, aerospace, and military systems.

"Ada and AdaCore have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the real-time domain," said Jeffrey Hibbard, who heads the Embedded Group for Ardence. "We are pleased that GNAT Pro is available on RTX, allowing customers to reap the productivity benefits that come from Ada's modern features and AdaCore's front-line support." RTX software from Ardence lets Windows systems deliver hard, real-time performance. As a true extension, it does not interfere with or modify the Windows infrastructure. Developers can create user interfaces and applications that take advantage of all the functionality offered by Windows. A component that requires real-time control can first be developed and debugged as a Windows application and then recompiled as a real-time subsystem with no code changes.

"This new RTX port stems from customer requests for an Ada development environment that takes advantage of all the functionality of RTX without requiring a rewrite of their code," added said Jose Ruiz, AdaCore senior software engineer. "GNAT Pro for RTX allows our customers to take Windows applications, recompile them unchanged, and get predictable, hard real-time behavior without interference from the underlying Windows Operating System."

GNAT Pro for RTX is currently available as an add-on to users of AdaCore's GNAT Pro development environment.

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