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Add-Ons and APKs Shine For Android Developers

The next release of Firefox Beta for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android is decidedly developer focused in its presentation of new tools for content, apps, and add-ons.

The new release supports Firefox Hub APIs. This function allows "add-on developers" (not to suggest that these developers are any lesser beings) to add their own content to the Firefox for Android homepage. The theory is that this provides them with a larger area to entice users to interact with their add-on.

Mozilla also says that it has been working on its APK Factory performance, a technology intended to provide "native experiences for web apps on Firefox" for Android.

According to the Mozilla blog, using APK Factory (Android Application Package File), Firefox OS app developers can use this route to giving web apps native updates, native installation and native app management — and developers can now provide a more familiar way for users to manage their web apps.

The APK Factory also ensures web apps use a modern up-to-date runtime, so there is no performance degradation or compatibility issues.

The Android website explains that, "An APK file is a file format used to distribute and install software (usually games or applications) on the Android operating system. Downloading the APK allows you to install programs without needing access to sites like Google Play (or AndroidPIT). To install these files, it's not even necessary to be connected to the Internet."

New to the color picker in the Inspector is an Eyedropper tool that grabs the color from any pixel on the page, making it easier to copy colors or manipulate them based on their color value.

Code Editor improvements are also included. Style Editor and Scratchpad gain new features available as part of the upgrade to the Codemirror 4 editor, including Sublime Text key-bindings, Rectangle selection, Undo selection, and Multiple selection.

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