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Advanced Analytics and the Sybase-SAP Honeymoon

While Sybase currently resides comfortably in the post-regulatory hurdle honeymoon of its US$5.8bn acquisition by SAP, the company this week received approval from the European Commission for the deal to progress.

Reuters reports that this second-largest acquisition in SAP's history after its purchase of Business Objects in 2008 was justified on tactical grounds saying, "The Sybase deal made strategic sense as it will allow the German company to benefit from the 'explosion in mobile data', especially in the Asian-Pacific region where Sybase has a strong presence."

For Sybase, the company appears to be playing its 'business as usual' card for all it is worth and is going ahead with its TechWave user training conference in Washington DC this August.

So rather than finding an extended set of financial discussions on the Sybase home page this week, you'll instead be directed towards information relating to the Sybase IQ relational database software system and discussions surrounding advanced analytics.

While blog streams like that of Sybase's Phil Bowermaster still religiously address the needs of the developer DBA and software application developer using the company's tools, a management maelstrom may well be circling overhead as the new SAP-flavored Sybase gets ready for its first real showing to the market. Only time will tell.

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