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Cloud-based Windows 7 Compatibility Testing Announced

Skytap, a provider of cloud-based IT labs, has announced support for Windows 7 application compatibility testing. Using Skytap, customers can launch a virtual sandbox in the cloud to ensure applications run correctly and without conflict before releasing Windows 7 application upgrades.

Compatibility testing can be a headache for development and testing organizations that don't have the spare hardware or testing cycles to set-up dedicated testing environments. This often results in unanticipated bugs and conflicts once a new version of Windows is released. By using the cloud, organizations can conduct early testing to gain insight into potential challenges before an operating system is released.

"One of the many benefits of a cloud-based lab is the ability to quickly spin up multiple operating systems as needed for compatibility testing, and run all the testing in parallel if needed," says Skytap's Scott Roza. "Using the Skytap's cloud hosting platform and lab manager application, developers and testers can collaborate in real time with other team members and also involve customers and business users to validate their software works correctly."

Skytap provides a scalable, on-demand IT lab in the cloud for application development and IT testing. Skytap says it is the only cloud platform that enables IT organizations to utilize their existing MSDN licenses and provides its users with pre-installed Windows 7 templates in a virtual machine library. Using Skytap's cloud-based lab manager, which is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, development and test teams can eliminate IT provisioning delays and set-up and tear-down test environments in minutes.

Skytap claims it is the first cloud computing platform to offer support for Windows 7. Using Skytap's cloud development and test solution, Microsoft solution partners and enterprise IT organizations can ensure compatibility of applications across multiple versions of Windows. Skytap provides a fast and affordable way to test new and existing applications on Windows 7 before broad rollout within an organization this fall.

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