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Compile-Free Coding Updated

Runtime Revolution has debuted its updated compile-free programming software development platform LiveCode that comes with a new deployment pack for iPhone and iPad development. This cross-platform solution offers deployment packs for the web, desktop, server and additional mobile platforms.

Formerly known as the Revolution development environment, LiveCode offers a real-time compile-free coding workflow where developers have the ability to make changes to the interface or code while the application is running.

The company is attempting to garner interest from coders who feel that they might need an arguably more expressive syntax with this high-level programming language. The cross-platform nature of this proposition means that developers can reuse the same code across multiple devices -- iPhone or iPad, web, desktop and server -- from a single code base.

"This platform leverages the advantages of natural language programming with the power of a real-time development platform," said RunRev's Kevin Miller. "Since introducing the LiveCode platform nine years ago, RunRev has demonstrated that individual ingenuity and aspirations need not be held back because of unfamiliarity with a piece of software. LiveCode is the next step in bringing affordable, robust software development to a wider audience."

Andrew Ashe, managing director of language learning specialists EuroTalk, has been using LiveCode in the Digital Tools for Rural Schools campaign, creating iPhone/iPad-based learning applications for primary school students in Malawi, Africa. RunRev says that the program has been successful, in part because of the speed and ease with which educational applications are developed using LiveCode.

"If we can use tools like LiveCode to develop and iterate quickly and use handheld devices to deliver, I think we are the verge of a revolution in terms of delivering education," said Ashe. "We know from decades of experience developing interactive content that the most important thing is having an iterative development process. We need great tools that can interface between an author writing primary education, or a journalist, or whomever. The more accessible the tool, the more it unlocks all of this other expertise, allowing it to feed into this revolution that we know is happening."

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