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DAISY Suite Updated

The DAISY Consortium (short for "the Digital Accessible Information System") has released an updated version of the DAISY Pipeline, a freely available, downloadable transformation suite that transforms documents from a variety of file formats (DAISY XML, html, rtf, ooxml, EPUB) into accessible multimedia formats for people unable to read print due to a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive, or learning disability. This includes the DAISY Digital Talking Book (DTB) format.

This release of the DAISY Pipeline features several usability improvements, including a new Windows installer, partial Hindi localization, as well as performance enhancements and the inclusion of a validator for OPS/EPUB files, the file format based on the open standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). This release also includes beta versions of several new, pivotal transformers which support the migration of content from one DAISY Standard to another.

Simultaneously, the "Save as DAISY XML" add-in for Microsoft Office Word was made available. Designed for Word 2007/2003/XP, the add-in lets users save Office Open XML-based text files into DAISY XML, the foundation of the globally accepted DAISY standard for reading and publishing navigable rich media content. When used in conjunction with the DAISY Pipeline, "Save as DAISY XML" provides a comprehensive solution to converting Word documents into accessible formats for those with print disabilities The "Save as DAISY XML" add-in was created through an open source project with Microsoft, Sonata Software, and the Digital Accessible Information SYstem (DAISY) Consortium and can be downloaded by Microsoft Office Word users for free.

The DAISY Standard (officially ANSI/NISO Z39.86 Specifications for the Digital Talking Book) is an assistive technology for reading. Formed in 1996 by like-minded organizations around the world, the DAISY Consortium consists of nearly 70 non-profit organizations representing 35 different countries and more than 20 for-profit companies which provide products and services to meet the needs of the DAISY community. These organizations are working together to develop and promote international standards and technologies which enable equal access to information and knowledge by all people with print disabilities and which also benefit the wider community.

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