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Developer Tool Vendors Team Up; Unique 3-Way Merger

Testing tools maker AutomatedQA, lifecycle tool vendor Pragmatic Software, and code-review developer Smart Bear have teamed up in an interesting, if not unusal, parternship. What's interesting about the merger is that money is not involved. How can this be? Because over the past three years all three companies have been purchased by private equity fund Insight Venture Partners.

The new combined company, dubbed SmartBear Software, was created to make enterprise-class software development and testing tools easily accessible to small and large development teams at a fraction of the cost of other software solutions.

  • AutomatedQA, brings its automated testing tool TestComplete and performance profiling tool Aqtime to the table
  • SmartBear Software adds its CodeCollaborator lightweight code review tool
  • Pragmatic Software contributes its SoftwarePlanner agile tool for test management, requirements management, defect tracking and project management.

According toAutomatedQA's Gottfried Sehringer, the tools will continue on with those names as they are well-known in the industry. The company will organize its product portfolio around testers and developers.

The company’s development teams will remain in their current locations: Smart Bear in Texas, Pragmatic in Colorado, and AutomatedQA in Massachusetts, and continue on with the work they've done on its product sets.

For more on this story, see Three-way Merger Creates Family of Dev, Test Tools

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